Long Distance Learning

Get all the skills you need without leaving your home with Long Distance Learning. Read on below and learn everything you need to know about this easy form of studying.

Long distance learning gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills and get a qualification right at your doorstep. Read on below and learn how you can further your education with us right from the comfort of your home.

Where to Study Long Distance Learning


Long distance learning is a form of teaching in which there is no in-classroom learning. This means that you have no classes to attend and you can basically study any place you want. This is a great option if there aren’t any higher learning institutions close to your home. 

Interested in long distance learning? Well there are many higher learning institutions that offer long distance learning. These include: 

Online Classes

Online classes are great if you live too far from a college but would like to attend classes. Here you are able to attend virtual classes, right from the comfort of your home.

Distance Learning Colleges

Distance learning colleges allow you to study from home, saving you time and money. There are a wide variety of courses available, teaching you the skills you need to further your education.

Courses Offered


Think there is a limited amount of courses offered through distance learning? Think again. Like many other distance learning colleges, we offer a wide variety of courses in the most sought-after careers at the moment. These course include:

Accredited Courses


Accredited courses are certified by an external examination body. The standards for these courses are high, and students who pass are highly skilled. You stand a better chance at becoming employed with an accredited course. We offer the following accredited courses.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses

ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) offers you accredited business and finance related courses. These courses will help you become successful in any business. They are accredited by the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations). 

Take the first step in starting a successful career with our ICB Courses

National Diploma Courses

We offer a variety of Nated Courses you can study with us. These courses are accredited by the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). They range from level N4 to N6. With each level completed, you will receive a qualification. After completing all 3 courses you will receive your National Diploma. All you need is the ability to write, read and understand English.

Get your National Diploma today with our Nated Courses.

Learn all the skills needed through Learning Distance Learning.


Get Your Matric


Don’t let bad grades or the lack of a matric certificate stand in your way of achieving your goals. We offer two matric programmes you can study from the comfort of your home. All you need is to be 21 and older and be able to read and write in English. These are:

Adult Matric  – Had to drop out of school? No problem. Adult Matric allows you to complete your matric, and achieve your certificate.

Matric Upgrade – If you didn’t do well in matric, here’s your chance to improve your results. Matric Upgrade allows you to redo the subjects you didn’t perform well in.

Study Without Matric

We offer you a wide range of courses you can study without matric. Known as provider programmes, these courses are designed, assessed and awarded by Skills Academy. We aim to teach you how to work and complete basic duties in the career you would like to pursue.

Below are some of the courses you can study without matric:

Benefits of Long Distance Learning


One of the benefits that stand out the most about long distance learning is that you are able to study from the comfort of your home, or any place you want. Below are some of the benefits of studying with us.

Flexible Learning

With no classes, you are able to study anywhere, anytime.  This teaches you time management, as well as self discipline, as you need to rely on your own motivation to complete your studies.

Study Fast, Pay Less

Want to finish a 12 month course in 10 months? Not a problem. If you are able to study faster, you only pay for the months studied with us. This saves you time and money.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unhappy with our services? We’ll give you a refund within 30 days after registering with us. And if you’re ready to study with us again, our course advisors will gladly help you get back on track.

No Credit Check

We believe everyone has the right to study, and wouldn’t want obstacles standing in your way of achieving your academic goals. This is why we don’t do credit checks on any of our students.

Course Material Sent to you

When you study with us, all your coursework and textbooks are sent to you via email. Your course material is also included in your study fees, saving you money in the process.

Online Study Groups

We know the importance of communication with your peers. This is why we offer all our students online study groups, ensuring they do not miss out on anything higher learning has to offer.

Make Long Distance Learning Your Choice of Study 

Contact us today and one of our course advisors will go the extra mile, helping you through the process. You can:

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Last Updated: 20 April 2023