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Take control of any situation when an accident arises! Our First Aid Courses gives you the skills and confidence to handle any crisis. What are you waiting for? Enrol today.

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First Aid

Do you want to make sure that if there are any medical emergencies, you can take control and know what to do? Then a First Aid course is for you.

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First Aid Short Course

A course in First Aid is a very beneficial one to do. It is useful across all industries and could even help you save someone’s life if it comes down to it.

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Accidents can take place anywhere and at any time. If it does, would you be able to help? First Aid Courses limits the uncertainty during these accidents and provides you with the skills to really make a difference. 

Benefits of Studying First Aid Courses 

First aid courses are often overlooked by many people. There are many benefits attached to doing a first aid course, both from a career perspective and personal perspective. 

Save Lives 

This is the most obvious and important one. It is proven that first aid training saves lives. Through your training you will be able to buy some time before the emergency response team arrives. These crucial moments could be the difference between life or death. 

Improves Confidence in Case of Emergency 

In case of an emergency no one wants to be running around the workplace confused, anxious and overwhelmed. With first aid training you will get the right skills and approach emergencies calmly and confidently. 

Job Opportunities 

As a first aider you will be able to get jobs more easily. All companies must abide by health and safety laws which states that they should have an employer who can provide first aid at all times. This training will put you an edge above the rest. 

It Isn’t Just Useful in the Workplace

You won’t just be able to apply these skills to the workplace. Accidents happen everywhere. This training will equip you to handle emergencies at home too. 

Our First Aid Courses 

We offer a First Aid Short Course via Distance Learning. This course is useful across all industries. You will learn a great amount of skills in only two short months! 

Our courses are:

  • Skills focused preparing you for the work environment 
  • Straightforward and easy to follow
  • Open access 

Entry Requirements 

Our courses are open access. We try our best to give everyone access to learning. To enrol all you need is:

  • The ability to write,read and understand English 
  • willingness to learn 

You can apply for this course regardless of prior education or your age. This is just one of the ways we open the doors of learning to all 

A CPR dummy being used to teach the practical side of first aid courses

What are the Different Levels in First Aid Courses

There are a number of different first aid courses that are available. Which course you decide on taking depends on what skills you need in the workplace. There are three levels of first aid. Each varies on it’s information and difficulty. For most workers all you need is to cover First Aid Level 1 in order to really make a difference in the workplace. 

First Aid Level 1

First aid level 1 is ideal for people wishing to use their training in the workplace. This level will teach you how to do CPR. As well as how to respond to emergencies fast and effectively. You will also learn basic first aid skills such as bandaging wounds. 

First Aid Level 2 

First aid level 2 is not a requirement in the workplace by the Department of Health and Safety. This is aimed at individuals who are eager to learn about CPR and other skills to be used in emergencies. This level builds on the previous one. 

First Aid Level 3

This is a comprehensive approach to first aid. This level covers everything mentioned in the other levels. It is suitable for persons who work in very dangerous work environments or do not have access to health care. 

What do you do on a First Aid Course?

First Aid Courses are a mixture of practical work and theory. You will learn how to:

  • Examine an accident
  • Use basic life support 
  • overcome a life threatening situation 
  • Treat burns 
  • Assist a choking individual
  • The importance and principles of first aid 
  • The appropriate first aid procedures to use in case of emergency 
  • Anatomy of the body and organ systems

These are just some key things that will be taught to you in a first aid course.

The Importance of First Aid in the Workplace

Many people make excuses about why they cannot commit to first aid training. But first aid skills are vital in any workplace, and should be taken more seriously. 

Faster Response in Cases of Emergencies 

In the case of a workplace accident, first aiders can be the difference between life and death. Staff trained in first aid will know how to use CPR and understand what steps to take in case of an emergency.

Reduces Workplace Accidents 

Our first aid course will make you more mindful of safety in the workplace. When staff members have first aid skills they are able to spot harmful situations and avoid them easier than before.

Positive Work Environment 

If employers know how to react in case of emergencies, they feel safe. Working in a safe environment boosts morale and reduces anxiety in the case of an accident. 

First Aid Kits Will be Used Correctly 

Many workplaces have first aid kits, but do not use them correctly. Often the first aid kits are not stocked up regularly and become wasteful. With first aid training, you will learn what your first aid kit needs to be useful. 

Safety While Working Alone

If you work remotely or completely alone then first aid training will really help you in case of emergency. Your skills will buy you some time until the first responders arrive. 

A first aid kit against a blue backdrop being used properly due to skills learnt in first aid courses.

Will a First Aid Course Help With my Career?

Wondering if completing first aid courses will help your career? The answer is yes! The work environment is incredibly tough, and you need all the help you can get to make your CV stand out. Here’s how first aid training can assist in your career:

  • First aid skills are sought after: By law all employers must have a first aider on the premise. If you already have these skills then employers won’t need to spend money training you. Making you a very attractive job candidate.
  • You can use your first aid skills in any situation: The skills taught to you in first aid will help in other aspects of your job. It will teach you how to keep calm in case of emergencies, hide high levels of stress and make decisions.
  • Shows that you’re a go-getter: enrolling into our first aid courses will show employers that you are focused on improving yourself. This is a trait most employers look for when hiring. 

Who Should do a First Aid Course?

Everyone should at some point enrol into first aid courses – even children! However, for the following groups, first aid training should be essential. 


Children get into tricky situations every day. Some of the most common injuries for children are burns, chocking and much more. With training you will learn how to handle these situations calmly and with confidence. 

Adult Caregivers 

CPR and first aid skills are essential for anyone living with or working for an elderly person. Even a minor cut for an older person could become dangerous. Medication and lack of physical ability put elder people at a higher risk. 

Job-Seekers in Certain Fields

Healthcare workers aren’t the only employers required to have first aid skills. If you are going into the following fields, you should consider enrolling into our courses. 

  • Nursing home employees 
  • Daycare staff 
  • Flight attendants 
  • Construction jobs 
  • Teachers 

Enrol into our first aid courses and really make a difference in your life and the lives of others. With us:

  • You can study from the comfort of your home.
  • Get affordable, quality education.
  • 30-day money back guaranteed if you are unhappy with our services
  • Obtain credible, recognised training.

Get Aided With Knowledge.

Prevention is better than cure. Learn how to prevent and react in emergencies with us. Choose a college that cares not only for you, but those close to you. Contact us today. 

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Last Updated: July 31, 2020

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