Management Courses

Our Management Courses focus on equipping you with skills and knowledge fit for you to become a professional leader. Experience the variety of benefits waiting for you.

General Management

General Management: Short Course

Our General Management: Short Courses is the first General Management course on offer. Here you will learn skills on how to manage departments successfully.

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General Management: Certificate Course

Our General Management: Certificate Course is an intermediate level course. Every department has its own manager but a General Manager manages them all.

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General Management: Comprehensive Course

Our General Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course will give you a very high level of skill in this field. Enrol with us today and enhance your skills.

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Retail Management

Retail Management: Short Course

Our Retail Management: Short Course will teach you how to monitor your stock levels and prevent theft, what to do in the case of theft, and more. Enrol today!

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Retail Management: Comprehensive Course

All Retail managers around the world ensure that their products are merchandised for maximum exposure at all times. Sign up now to find out more about this course!

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Retail Management: Certificate Course

This course is the ideal course for improving your basic skills as well as your knowledge in the retail management industry. Sign up now to find out more!

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Do you see yourself as a natural born leader? Then our Management Courses are just what you need. Here you will be able to gain new skills and expand your knowledge, and move into the career of your dreams. 

Benefits of Studying Management Courses 

If you would like to know what you will get out of studying Management Courses, look no more. You can expect several benefits when studying management with us. These benefits can only be found with management courses. 

Versatile Skills 

Management Courses are a great way to gain an extensive skill set, which will definitely be impressive on your CV. You’ll gain knowledge on finances, leadership and business. These are all the things needed to be a successful manager in any industry. 

Career Opportunities 

With the versatile skills you will learn, you will be exposed to several career opportunities. These skills can be applied to any career. That’s right, you’ll be able to explore many different industries all with these courses. 

What You Learn From our Courses 

Our courses aim to give you everything you need to be prepared for a successful career. You’ll have access to well thought out subjects, focused on each element you’ll be exposed to in your work. 

Decision-Making Skills 

Decision-making will be a very important part of your job. That’s why you will be taught how to make critical and logical decisions. These skills will prove to be of great use once you start your career.  

Team Building 

As a manager, you will need to know how to build and manage a team. Therefore you’ll learn team building and leadership skills because every team needs a great leader. 

Presentation Skills 

In your management career, you will need to know how to present your work to your boss and team. That is why you will learn about everything that goes into doing and giving presentations. This is also one of the many transferable skills you will learn with us.  

Financial Management 

To be a successful manager, you will need to be able to not just manage your team but finances as well. You will need this skill regardless if you plan to work in the finance sector of a business or not. That is why we teach you the basics of finance management. 

A young student studying her Management Courses on her laptop at her desk. She also has her book bag on her desk

Which Management Course is the Best? 

You don’t have to go far to find the best courses. With us, you’ll be spoiled with courses. We have a wide range for you to choose from and  it can all be done from the comfort of your home. 

List of our Management Courses

As promised, we have a variety of management courses available to you. You can do a general management course if you prefer or  you can do a more focused course. Regardless of your choice, once completed you will have the skills and knowledge needed. Here are just a few of our management courses: 

Is Management a Good Career? 

Yes, management is definitely a good career. It will require a lot from you but it can be very rewarding. You will be exposed to  different challenges and obstacles on your journey. Yet as you learn and gain more experience, things will come like second nature. Remember all good things take time.

Management Courses in South Africa 

Would you like to know where to study? You will definitely be able to find management courses in South Africa. There are many different institutions to choose from. Knowing which institution to choose from is the difficult part. Find an institution that speaks to your needs as a student. 

Part-time Management Courses 

There are many reasons why you could be looking for a part-time course. You might work full-time or not have time to focus on your studies. That’s why all our courses are distance learning. Here are just some of the benefits you can experience with us.

Benefits of Distance Learning with Skills Academy:

  • No physical classes, you study from the comfort of your home 
  • Study at your own pace, 
  • All course materials are delivered to you 
  • Access to online study groups and tutors
A group of men and women having a managers meeting in an office. You can be part of this with our Management Courses.

Top Skills Needed for a Career in Management 

Just like any career you will need to have certain skills to do your job. Now you might feel discouraged from studying management if you don’t have these skills but don’t be. Our management courses will give you these skills and several others. 


Management and leadership go hand in hand. You can’t have the one without the other.  That is why you should have natural leadership qualities. Now you can gain leadership skills through your life and build on them. 


Communication is a big part of being a professional. It allows for great productivity in the workplace and as a manager you will need to be able to communicate effectively with your team. So make sure that you have good verbal and written communication skills. 

Organizational Skills 

An unorganised manager makes for unorganised workers. This in turn can cause a ripple effect on the entire business. Therefore, having organisational skills enable you to lead by example and keep your team strong.  

Problem Solving 

There are many challenges you will face on a daily basis. As the manager of a team, you will be the one people turn to for help and advice. Therefore you will need to be able to analyse and solve problems. 

Lead Your Team to Success With our Management Courses 

Become a skilled successful manager with the skills you can gain with us. Simply contact one of our course experts and have them answer any of your questions. 

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Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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