How Studying a Short Course Can Help Your Career

Short Courses offer many benefits. Here’s how studying a short course can help your career.

Do you want to advance in your career but don’t know how? Your answer lies in studying a short course. Sometimes, just having been in a position or a company for a while is not enough to move to the next, higher position. You need some form of education. Here we will talk about how studying a short course can help your career. 

What is a Short Course?

Before we can get into details about how studying a short course can help your career, let’s first explain what a short course is. A short course is any learning programme that can be finished in a short period of time. Some are accredited and some are not. The most essential purpose or a goal for a short is to earn a certain skill set for a particular type of job. For example, studying a Nail Care course will give you the skills that only apply to being a nail technician.

A student in her room researching how studying a short course can boost your career.

Benefits of Short Courses

Short courses are the best way to advance your career if you don’t want to spend years and years doing full qualifications. Below is a list of benefits of doing short courses:

  • Kick start your learning – Sometimes we don’t have the clear image of what we want to do or how. Short courses can help you start your learning process. 
  • Improve Your CV -Short courses are a good place to improve your CV. The new skills you would have gained  through your short courses would be highlighted. 
  • Boost Your Career – This is the point this entire article is about. They give a competitive edge when it comes to employment. Learning a new skill is a great way to move forward in your career.

How Studying a Short Course Can Help Your Career?

So, how exactly does studying a short course help with your career? We have already mentioned that it gives you a bit of an edge when it comes to getting new jobs. This is also the case when it comes to promotions. But that is not all. Here are some of the ways studying short courses can help your career:

Develop Your Mind

Being a fast learner is a treasured trait in the workplace. And the best way to become a fast learner is by taking short courses. How? Short courses are usually fast paced and concentrated. Learning them may require a fast learning method. This may come in especially handy with Skills Academy because the faster you finish, the less you pay! So, you can say taking short courses is like giving your brain a workout.

Increase Your Value

Short courses mean gaining a new particular set of skills. This in turn will increase your value in any industry or job you are in. You may find yourself being given more responsibilities that will look good in your CV. Say you take a Salon Management course and then your boss starts putting you in charge every time they have something else to do. 

Help You Earn a Handsome Salary

We cannot stress this enough! Having a new skill up your sleeve will always increase your earning potential. People with a bit more education than the average person are guaranteed to earn more. Yes, some workplaces focus on a workplace skill rather than a qualification. But, guess what? Short courses are tailor made to be workplace ready! So either way, you will win! Here are some of the short courses you can do with Skills Academy that will help boost your career:

Studying a short course can help your career in more ways than one. Take the leap and you will not regret it. It will open up so many doors for you. They will show that you are a motivated person who takes initiative and wants to do better in life. All employers love to have such a person in their teams. 

Why Choose Skills Academy?

If you want to make the best choice about your education, the best place to start is with Skills Academy. We are a distance learning institution for higher education. And, studying with us will ensure that you get the best education there is. We also have a number of benefits that ensure that your interests are taken care of. Things such as online student support to give you a sense of being in a community. This is because we understand the challenges and difficulties that come with being a distance learning student so we try our best to make your life easier! Plus, most of our short courses do not need you to have a grade 12. Should you want to enrol for a course that requires grade 12 but don’t have it, we have adult matric and matric upgrade available for you! To learn more about our benefits, head on to this article.

Take Our Short Courses and Help Boost Your Career

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022