Nail Technician

A chance to become your own boss and spreading joy through nail art? Who would say no to that? Becoming a Nail Technician is an exciting career choice.

Job Responsibilities

Whether you’re buffing and filing or creating nail art, you need to ensure your treatments are up to industry standards.

Build trust with your client to ensure that they will be a returning customer. Make sure you understand what they want and make them feel at ease.

That includes buffing, filing, painting and other nail grooming services.

Avoid infections and keep your working space clean. 

Depending on where you work, you need to recommend and sell beauty products to help client maintain the health of their nails. 

What to Study

Nail Care: Comprehensive Certificate Course

Our Nail Care Comprehensive Certificate Courses will give you credibility and skills to work in this blooming beauty industry.
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Nail Care: Certificate Course

Learn the skills needed to decorate nails beautifully, make the client happy and feel the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you were able to make that happen.
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Nail Care: Short Course Certificate

The Skills Academy Short Course In Nail Care is a great starting point for anyone that is looking to head to the beauty career. This course teaches you some core fundamentals.
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What Does a Nail Technician do?

Nail Technicians form part of the beauty and grooming services industry. They offer services to help keep your feet and hands in tip top shape. When visiting Nail Technicians, you may choose between their manicure or pedicure services. Their services include nail shaping, callus removal, cuticle removal, synthetic nail treatment, and nail polish application.

Reasons to Become a Nail Technician

Not sure whether or not you should consider this career path? 

Nail Technician

Well, there are plenty of benefits to becoming a Nail Technician. The first being that you will get paid doing what you love. But that’s not the only benefit of this job. You can:

  • Earn a respectable income
  • Express yourself creatively
  • Spread joy with your beautiful designs
  • Start your own business and become a boss

How Long do you Have to go to School to Become a Nail Technician?

It depends on the duration of the course. There are multiple courses available to aspiring Nail Technicians. They may choose to do one that suits their lifestyle and personal needs. Students can choose between short courses, certificate or advanced certificate programs. Some institutions may offer these courses on a part-time basis. This means that you will have to attend classes after hours. Should you wish to keep your full-time job, you can consider our distance learning courses as an option. Our Nail Care Courses will teach you about customer service, anatomy and physiology and more. 

Do Nail Technicians Make Good Money?

On average, Nail Technicians can expect to earn R5 600 per month. But like with any other job, your salary will depend on your seniority and the company you work for. However, there is an opportunity for you to earn more. You can increase your income by doing freelance work or opening your own business. Nail Technicians who work for salons can earn a commission for each sale they make on salon products. 

How to Become a Nail Technician?

Keen to know how you can give your career a kick-start? If you follow this or use it as a guideline, you can become a nail care professional within a few months. 

Get an Education 

There’s so much you need to learn about the nail care industry. It’s so much more than buffing and polishing nails. You need to learn about hygiene practices in the workplace, customer service, anatomy and physiology, and more. All of this is taught in our Nail Care Courses we offer via distance learning. 

Gain Experience

Every nail salon is looking for someone with experience. It’s only right that you perfect your craft. This can only be done through practice and experience. You can give your services for free, or ask your friends and family to allow you to practice on them. 

Build Your Portfolio 

A portfolio will demonstrate your credibility. A lot of clients are hesitant to do their nails by a technician who has no reputation. You can build a physical portfolio or create one online to boost your reputation. If you build an online portfolio via social media, you will attract more clients. 

Where can you Study to Become a Nail Technician?

There are colleges and institutions who offer Nail Technician courses full and part-time, but only a few offer it via distance learning. If you are currently employed and don’t want to choose between work and studying, distance learning will be your best option. We offer Nail Technician course via distance learning. There are no scheduled classes or exams for any of our Nail Technician courses. 

What Skills do I Need to Become a Nail Technician?

Aside from the technical skills that you can pick up with enough experience, here’s some of the other skills you need to become a Nail Technician.


Nail Technicians are artists. The beautiful designs they create on their clients’ nails should be considered as a form of contemporary art. Once a client shows them what nail art or design they would like to get, they should have an idea of how they would go on doing it. Their uniqueness and creativity should be what makes clients come back for more. 

Time Management

There will be days when your schedule will be hectic and days when it’s not. On days when the salon is bustling with clients, you will have to learn how to manage your time effectively. This includes knowing when to say no when your schedule is hectic or when to squeeze in more clients. You should be able to work on a tight deadline without skimping on service. 

Customer Service

Beauty and grooming services fall under the customer service industry. As part of customer service, you should engage with your clients in a friendly manner to help them feel comfortable. Remember that customers may give referrals to their families and friends. Treat them with world-class you’d expect to be treated with and always act in a professional manner. 


Some clients come in for a little quiet time and to relax, others love to use the opportunity to chat and unwind. Therefore, you will need to have strong communication skills. This includes being able to read people’s body language. You will also need to learn how to effectively communicate with your colleagues. Make sure there’s no misunderstandings and practice to give out instructions clearly. 


You need to have a passion for the beauty and service industry to be successful. If you don’t, you will not enjoy your work and won’t be determined to set career goals. You passion is what will help you achieve your goals and make your clients return for your services. 


Each season brings on new trends. As a Nail Technician, you need to keep up with the trends and make sure you are able to do them to keep your customers happy. You can keep up with the latest trends by checking social media, magazines, beauty blogs, and more. 

Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode

Last Updated: August 18, 2020