Together We Pass

Together We Pass for Skills Academy students

Together We Pass in association with Skills Academy offers free online study groups for all of their students.  That means that within two days of signing up you will be registered in your online study group and you can start engaging with your classmates and your lecturers.

This is key to the Skills Academy strategy of high contact, supported learning so all students are encouraged to use the study groups as much as possible.

Students should also remember that these study groups are facilitated by their own Skills Academy lecturers, which means you can ask them anything you want to about your course, your account, your books or any other question you might have.  We hope you find the study groups useful in your studies!

Together We Pass

Why is it called Together We Pass?

The name Together We Pass refers to the concept that with social learning, which is students studying together in order for everyone to improve their understanding, and in the end their marks.  So if we study together, we pass together!

The power of the group in learning is an amazing thing.  It exposes you to new viewpoints, it gives you a chance to explain concepts that may have been a bit hazy previously.  And it means that these concepts will stay in your mind longer, for example when you are sitting in that final exam!

So if you want to pass – then go to your online study group and make sure you use it properly!  Which means post your questions on areas you don’t understand, and make sure you try to answer other students questions too!

And then – Together We will Pass!

Together We Pass – what do they do?

Together We Pass (otherwise known as TWP) specialises in helping home study students pass their qualifications.  TWP has actually been offering study groups to UNISA trainees since 2008.

When Together We Pass started the study groups were offered through email only, but soon it was so busy that they needed to develop a website to automate and simplify the procedure. In 203 the first online platform (website) was launched, with many great new features to help students study together more easily. Trainees can discuss their coursework in the forums, compare their multiple choice assignments (cheat free) and share their study resources such as notes and answers to past papers. Students also gets sent updates from the system when someone posts in their study group, which can be set to come as often as is comfortable for the user.  The website also has many social features (like Facebook) where you can create your profile, friend and message other people and so on.

TWP uses the power of social learning to help learners prepare for their assignments and exams. These means that on Together We Pass students are encouraged to engage with each other and talk about their coursework.  Explaining a concept is one of the best ways to increase your own understanding of a concept, and helps to keep it entrenched in your brain for recall in exams.

In the last few years a lot of brand-new services have been included. They now have subject specialists who write notes, prepare exam packs and assist in the top end groups. In Premium Study Groups an educator is offered in the group to facilitate daily, talk through study concerns, offer advice on assignments and far more.

Together We Pass so appealing?

Together We Pass has proved to be irresistible to home study students.  This is for both those things you can get for free, and for the services students pay for.

This includes the great study tips that can be found in the blog, on the website, in downloadable booklets and even a book published by Together We Pass to help UNISA students study better.

Then there are the social elements that mean students no longer feel alone in the their studies.  And the practical help from lecturers that guide students and make sure they are ready for the final exams.

All in all students come back again and again to make use of the TWP services.

What is social learning?

Social learning is the learning we do with our peers, also known as peer learning. It is trainees coming together and sharing their thoughts and concepts. Students can explain concepts and give their viewpoint on appropriate topics.

Remember that one of the highest types of learning is teaching another person a principle. Not only does it make you think clearly about the problem you wish to explain, but the discussing keeps the knowledge in your head longer so that you can easily remember it in a task, test or exam.

Social learning is considered an incredibly positive way to learn and universities worldwide encourage their trainees to spend time learning together. For every 5 students that are studying together, you get 5 various viewpoints, which will significantly increase your understanding and thinking of any subject. Group learning means you leverage the knowledge and perspective and can considerably increase each person’s learning.

Social learning is also particularly important for the home study student.  It gives you access to other people’s points of view, and it also helps to mitigate how lonely it is studying on  your own.  It can keep you motivated, and make sure you stick out the years it takes to become qualified.

Together We Pass Study Groups

Together We Pass offers dynamic study groups where students can come  together to compare assignments, discuss coursework and generally engage with each other and their lecturer (in our higher level study groups).

Students study well in a group due to the fact that they are more highly engaged, and they need to do the work in order to participate in the discussions and comparisons.

Students can share ideas, and can often tackle difficult topics or questions that they would not be able to do if studying on their own. Remember that when one learner describes a principle to another learner, he enhances the idea for himself. If the student had been studying alone, he might not have actually considered the gaps in his knowledge. A study group is beneficial intellectually however also emotionally, as learners motivate each other to study.

Together We Pass Website

The Together We Pass website is where the study groups happen. The Together We Pass website not only gives you details on how the study groups work, but you can purchase the study groups in the online store, and you log into the site to utilize your study groups as soon as you have joined.

Together We Pass also prides itself on supplying beneficial info for home study students, and you can find unlimited guides and free materials that helps you to do much better in your studies, whether you are with UNISA, Skills Academy or other institution.

Together We Pass study groups enable learners to come together online to get the benefit of social learning without having to agree on a time or a location that matches all people interested in benefiting. As the group is online based, everybody can get involved on their own time and from any place they want.

Even on their phone– so anywhere is possible!

We will now outline some of the features that appear in the Together We Pass study groups.

Together We Pass Activity Feed

The Together We Pass activity feed is like your timeline on Facebook.  It shows you what has been happening in your study group over time.  Anything that is posted in the forums appears here, and you can post directly into the activity feed if you wish.

You can easily scroll back to see what people have been discussing without having to check into each and every forum post, and you can reply directly on the activity feed.

This easy to use feature has proved to be a huge success in the study groups.

Together We Pass Notifications

Together We Pass notifications is a feature that helps you keep up to date with your study group.  You can see how often you receive notifications, and these come in the form of an email directly to your inbox.

You can see your notifications to the following frequencies, and you need to decide for yourself what is the best setting for your own situation.  Remember that you will be set to daily digest as the automatic setting, so you need to change it yourself if you are not happy with getting a daily email from the website.

Remember that you will get notifications for all the study groups that you are signed up for.  Every post will give you a link to follow to get to that post in your study group.  Remember that you must be signed in for this feature to work.  If it takes you to a login page then sign in and press on the link again.

All Email

This means you will get an email every single time someone posts.  This is for the highly active student who wants to keep in touch with everything that is happening in their study group.

Remember that your inbox might get overwhelmed if you have a very active study group, in which case you might want to change the settings to something a little less frequent.

Daily Digest

As stated above this is the standard setting on the website as we feel it is the most useful.  This gives you a summary of everything that has happened in your study group in the last 24 hours.  If you have more than one study group all of them will be listed in this email.

Weekly Digest

This works exactly the same as the Daily Digest, except that you get it once per week.  This is for students who only have time to engage on the weekend, and don’t want to get notifications more often.

Monthly Digest

Again, this works the same as the weekly and the daily digests, except that you only get this once a month.  We hope that you don’t use this setting as you only get benefit from your study group if you check in regularly and engage by posting questions and answering other student’s questions.


Perhaps you check in regularly on your own and don’t need notifications.  Or maybe you are using a work email that does not allow personal emails.  This setting is for students that decide they never want to get any notifications from the website at all.

Together We Pass Forums

Together We Pass forums allow students to open discussions on any relevant topic. This can be on a specific topic or perhaps on a particular question they are struggling with in their assignments. This allows more detailed discussion on one area, and can be hugely beneficial when all students are disciplined enough to post and answer in the forums.

Bear in mind that with Together We Pass for UNISA students the Premium Study Groups are facilitated by the lecturer. This means that they create subjects for students to discuss about sections of the course and notes are posted weekly to show students what they need to currently be studying.

They can also assist when trainees are struggling and lead a conversation on a difficult topic, and in this way a question from one student can actually help all other students who read the forum.

Together We Pass Assignment Comparison Tool

Multiple choice question (MCQ) assignment comparison has always been a key feature in Together We Pass.  However, it is a tricky issue as how do you compare assignments without allowing students to just copy each other’s’ work?  TWP had many years of experimenting before putting all that knowledge into a comparison app that was custom built.

This app only allows a user to see other students answers once they have submitted their own answers.  And when the answers are displayed you cannot see anyone else’s answer – the system just tells you how many people agree or disagree with your answer.  When you see that no one agrees with your answer you can open a discussion in the forum so you can talk through the problem with your classmates.

So why are students so obsessed with comparing assignments?  Remember that one if the crucial issues facing home study students is that they have no one to talk with before they hand in their assignments for marking. This can feel really frightening, as you have no idea if you are on the right track.

Also, the assignments cover all the concepts that can be examined in the final exam.  So it is crucial that students understand every topic that is covered.  Through discussing the questions up front they quickly see where they are going wrong, and thus improve their marks for that assignment, and for the final exam.

This function has been a huge success with students and is one of the essential reasons as to why trainees join Together We Pass again and again and again.

Together We Pass Resource Library

The Together We Pass library is another feature that Together We Pass is very proud of.  Not only does it allows lecturers to share resources with students, but students can give the admin resources to post for all students to benefit from.  After 9 years of helping students the library of resources is very impressive.

Other features is that students can see what is in the library before they join the study group.  If you go to the shop and look up the subject you are interested in you can see a read only view of the library from there to see if the resources might help you in your studies.

Together We Pass

Together We Pass Colleges

Together We Pass now supports many different colleges, where in the past they only supported UNISA students with study groups.  The following are all private home study colleges who use the Together We Pass platform for their own students.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a Distance Learning institution that enables trainees to study at their own rate. Trainees who are studying from home or while they are working benefit the most. While you work, this is a budget friendly way to improve your CV.

Skills Academy has over 5,000 students currently signed up on Together We Pass for study groups. These study groups are facilitated by educators and the students get active assistance daily.

These courses develop abilities needed to increase employability, to learn abilities you need in the work environment or if there is a promotion you are interested in, in the workplace.

Skills Academy provides a variety of courses in different fields of study consisting of:

A lot of these courses are accredited and they are designed to better learners’ abilities and understanding in these fields of interest.

TWP Academy

Founded from Together We Pass in 2015, TWP Academy focuses especially on accounting, but also on other business courses. They have a variety of bookkeeping, financial management and entrepreneurial qualifications available for you to choose from. This will permit you to begin your profession in the business environment.

TWP Academy concentrates on using high quality Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses. This means that our ICB qualifications are all accredited and if you study through to the end you can get a National Diploma. The ICBA is a professional body connected to the ICB and you can become a member through your studies at the ICB. The ICB is a professional bookkeeping body that recognizes private colleges to provide high quality Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. They were a QAP for FASSET, and have actually recently moved over to be a QAP for the QCTO.

The ICB courses are focussed on these 5 streams:.

You can become an official member of the ICB if you complete your studies through the ICB and TWP Academy. You will also have a certified qualification with your certificate granted by FASSET.

The Learning Group

The Learning Group provides you special benefits and important resources. This distance learning institution has a history of over 29 years of experience in Creative Studies. They have now extended their scope towards Business related courses.

The Learning Group was bought by Home Study Group in 2016 and were previously owned by SA College of Home Study in 2007. However, The Learning Group started in 1984.

The Learning Group makes learning problem free, basic and easy with constant tutoring and support from your subject tutor.

Décor School

The Décor School is a partner institute of The Learning Group and focuses specifically on interior décor and interior design. Specialising in creative studies since 1984, The Décor School sets itself apart from other Distance Learning Colleges by offering its students a variety of unique benefits.

The Décor School accommodates the needs of the beginner and the more experienced interior designer who wants to learn more about the art, and wants to better their skills. They happily offer a series of premium Interior Decorating and Design Courses, created to cater to all levels of experience.

The Décor School is for you if you are looking for Interior Decorating and Design Courses that cover the current trends in the design industry. You also get a better understanding into the diversity associated with this process.

Home Study College

Home Study College is devoted to providing their trainees high quality, distance learning education. Home Study College has a range of bookkeeping, financial management, creative and computer-related fields readily available to students. Along with entrepreneurial qualifications that will give students the start their profession they require, in the very best possible way.

Their main goal is to better and simplify access to education. It is their goal to guarantee that all of their learners are provided the academic assistance that he or she needs to succeed. Everything they do at Home Study College is based on their belief that everybody has the right to study.

You can improve your abilities, work better, quicker and become more efficient. These courses are created with you in mind:.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can reach Home Study College by phone or by means of e-mail.

Together We Pass fees

Together We Pass Skills Academy study groups – R400

Together We Pass Skills Academy study groups are R400 for a student to join.  The great news is that if you are a registered Skills Academy student you don’t have pay a penny for these awesome study groups!

Together We Pass Premium Study Groups for UNISA students – R600

These groups have an educator handling the study group, who is qualified in the field of study. They post in the group, supply study notes, examination packs and they help with queries. They also do all the projects. This allows the lecturers to compare answers and appropriately assist and assist our trainees.

Together We Pass Gold Study Groups for UNISA students – R300

These groups have no educator, however you get your assistance from and compare assignments with the other students taking that subject too. There are also study notes and an exam pack.

Together We Pass Free Study Groups for UNISA students – R0

Yes, Together We Pass offers free study groups for UNISA students!  Students that sign up for these can make use of the MCQ assignment comparison tool, the forums, the activity feed and even ask the Admin to add resources to the library for all students to share.

These groups permit you to obtain help from other learners, as well  as compare assignments in the cheat free multiple choice assignment comparison tool. There are in some cases a couple of resources, but these are simply what has actually been shared by students in the past – we can not ensure quality as we did not produce them ourselves. Primarily the group is for comparing tasks and discussing difficult subjects amongst one another.

Together We Pass Matric Study Groups – R400

These study groups were only launched in 2016, and are aimed at helping Matric students throughout the year in key subjects so that they can increase the knowledge, and their marks.

The Together We Pass Matric study groups are managed by subject specialists. Learners have access to past papers and notes to download in the resource library.  A lecturer is also readily available to help with any conversations along with to address learners’ questions in the online forums.

Together We Pass ICB Study Group – R400

Together We Pass has been accredited to offer ICB courses, and you can study these bookkeeping and accounting courses with TWP Academy if you wish to.  For those already signed up with a college you can join our vibrant, informative study groups.

You will have access to information regarding your tests, evaluations, the student portal and registration among others.  You will also have assistance from experienced lecturers currently teaching ICB courses at other home study colleges.

Together We Pass ICB study groups are the best way to improve your chances of excellent marks in your ICB exams!

Together We Pass contact information

Together We Pass does have a call centre to call into, and they are very helpful with information on the study groups offered, information and contact details for UNISA, and can help you sign up to your study groups if you are not sure how to do it on your own in the online shop.

Support: 021 838 8251



Twitter: @TogetherWePass

Skills Academy contact information

Registrations and Enquiries: 0800 39 00 27

Support: 021 838 8250




Last updated: April 26, 2018

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