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Study from anywhere in the world, and get the support system you need to help you succeed. Become part of an Online Study Group and ace your exams.

Looking for a study buddy or want to participate in a virtual classroom, but don’t know where to start? Online study groups and discussion forums is the answer you are looking for. Work with like-minded individuals to help you work towards getting the results you deserve. 

Do Online Study Groups Work?

Online Study Groups are created to help improve your learning experience. Every student is different and they may use these groups for different reasons. Some may use it to stay informed and only check it for important announcements. But being part of a group could help you stay focused and motivate you to study harder. Distance learning students should take advantage of the opportunity. They won’t have to attend class, but might miss out on human interaction. Therefore they could use this as their virtual classroom.

How to Create a Study Group

To create an online study group you will need people who have similar goals and who study the same programme or subject as you. You can choose a platform that everyone has access to. You may use social networks. But this can be a bit tricky, as it will create potential distractions and may encourage students to engage in other things. 

Our distance learning students are quite lucky. We give them access to Together We Pass (TWP) study groups where they can interact with students enroled in the same course. You won’t be charged extra to have access to our study groups. This is one of our many benefits.

What’s Together We Pass? 

Together We Pass (TWP) is a social learning platform created for students to help them connect with their peers. With TWP, they can access study groups and enter group discussions with other learners. Here they can discuss their coursework, help each other with assignments and even network. 

What can You Study in Online Study Groups

Online Study Groups are created to encourage group discussions and in the long term, help students pass their exams. Here you can discuss everything that will impact your assessments. You can help come up with solutions for all your study related queries and help one another. Here are some of the common topics you will come across in study groups:

  • Assignments 
  • Tests 
  • Examinations
  • Study Material
  • Group Projects
Our students enjoy free access to our Online Study Groups

Advantages of Online Study Groups

Online Study Groups are there to provide students with a support system. Since you won’t be in a traditional learning environment with classmates, an online study group allows you to interact with your peers. Here you can share your resources and give tips to help others. By engaging with like minded people who share the same goals, you will be more determined to do your best.

Finetune Your Study Skills

Being part of an Online Study Group can expose you to new things. That includes new studying methods and advice. The advice and information you will receive in the group could help you strengthen your learning and studying abilities. Use the opportunity to observe others and figure out the best learning style that works for you. If you’ve perfected yours, you can always help others improve theirs. This could help you and everyone else in the study groups prepare for exams.

Fill in the Gaps

By engaging in discussion in the online study group you can compare notes and your findings. Listening to others might give you an idea on areas that need your attention most. It could highlight things that you may have missed or relook at things that you thought weren’t important. Being part of a group will help clarify things for you that might not have been able to do on your own.

Experience Working in a Team

Most jobs are looking for people who have experience working in a team and that do so well. An online study group will give you all the practice you need for your career. Use your time wisely to interact with your peers and help solve study related problems. There will be a lot of different personalities in the study group and this will challenge you to get along with different people.

Help Beat Procrastination

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits when you’re supposed to study. You may be tempted to check social media or catch up on your favourite series instead of studying. But being part of an online study group might help you with that. Instead of doing what you’re not supposed to, you can engage in productive activities in the group. 

How to get the Most out of Study Groups

Enhance your learning experience with group discussions. Study groups are a powerful tool that could help you ace your exams. Make sure you make the most of your time in the study groups to reap the benefits. 

Access it Every Day

Try to access your study group every day. Participate in discussions. Not only for yourself, but to help others that may have issues too. The habits of those in the group might motivate you to study when you don’t feel like picking up your books. 

Set Study Goals

Being part of a group means that you’re not alone. So take advantage of that. Let the online study group be your support system. In the study group you can make your study goals known. Together you can help each other towards reaching your study goals. 

Get Creative With Mock Exams

Create an at home exam session. You and the members of the study group may decide a time and date when you would like to write the exams. Try not to cheat by avoiding to access the mock exam paper before you write the exams. Once you’re done with the mock tests, you may compare answers. 

Become Part of our Community

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