Finding Time to Study

Whether you’re a full time or distant learning student, finding time to study can be challenging. Find out how you can make it work and balance studies and work perfecty!

Student life is all about finding time to study. But, sometimes doing so is not as easy as it may sound. You have to juggle studies, work and other responsibilities. While managing your time well can seem like an impossible task, it is doable! 

Studying Effectively 

The trick to finding time to study is knowing how to manage your priorities. Whether you’re a distance learning or full-time student, you need to know how to do this. The following strategies will help you do just that and keep up with your required coursework. 

Develop a Study Timetable

Ever heard of the saying failing to plan, is planning to fail? With your studies this is true. As soon as you’ve registered as a student you need to get a hold of any important dates. Once you’ve done this, set up a study timetable. This will focus and add structure to your learning. 

Set Goals

Write down what work you want to cover each month and stick to this. It is also a good idea to write down what marks you’re aiming for in each of your modules. Put these goals where you can see them daily. This will keep you motivated. 

Find the Right Time 

Are you an early riser or more of a night owl? It is important that you know this as it can aid you in your studies. If you wake up early, why not hit the books before you have to leave for work? Studying after dinner might be the perfect time for a student that has a busy household. 

Ditch the Phone 

Put your phone and any other gadgets away while you’re studying. You have to give your studies your full attention. Once you’ve done your required work for the day you can reward yourself with some screen time. Trust us, Whatsapp and Instagram will still be there once you’ve done your homework.

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Finding Time to Study While Working Full-Time

More and more students are working full-time while studying. This helps with the financial stress higher education can often bring. If you are one of these students, finding the right time to study is even harder! Here are some tips to help.

Inform Your Employer: Your employer does not need to know every step of the process, but you must keep them in the loop. Some employers might even offer to pay for your studies

Study Early in the Morning: Set your alarm clock earlier than usual and use that extra time to catch up on your work. This will help you feel less overwhelmed. You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm.

Remember the end Goal: Whenever you’re starting to feel discouraged, remember the end goal. Maybe you’re working towards a promotion or switching careers.  

Look After Yourself: You have a lot on your plate: work, studies and more. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work. Burnout is the last thing you need. 

Choose a College That Cares

As a student it is important to choose a college that caters to your needs. Here, at Skills Academy, we do just that. Our schedule is flexible enough for students to enjoy all aspects of their life. We also have some pretty cool perks that will assist in your exam prep. 

Student Groups 

We offer an online platform with Together we Pass, where students can engage with one another and their tutors. This is aimed at getting students to ask questions about the work and discuss the course material. Once you realise you’re not on this journey alone, you’ll feel so much more at ease. 


All our courses come with their own set of qualified tutors and lecturers. Our tutors are there to assist with any struggles you may be experiencing with the coursework. They answer all your questions, give feedback on tests and assignments and are available on multiple platforms. Whether you call, email or reach them on the online study group, they will always be ready to assist. 

Access to Past Exam Papers

The easiest way to prepare for exams is to work through previous exam papers. All of these resources are available to you at no additional cost. Simply access the online study platform and go to study resources. You’ll find everything you need there.  

A student sitting behind his desk working on his laptop. Finding Time to Study won't be an issue when you enrol with us!

Our Courses

To access the above mentioned benefits, you must first register as a Skills Academy student. We have so many courses on offer that you might have difficult choosing! 

All our courses are offered via distance learning. With us, finding the right time to study, won’t be a problem. 

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements differ from course to course. However, we do cater to everyone’s needs. We have courses you can enrol into without matric, accredited courses and more. All you need to do is find your perfect fit. 

It’s TIME to Invest in Your Studies!

All you have is time, so use it wisely. Enrol into our courses and let us help you manage your studies the right way. Contact us today – our course experts are ready to talk you through the easy process. 

  • Complete our online contact form
  • Call us on our  number at 0800 39 0027 – it’s free. 
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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