Should You Study Short Courses?

If you want to study something that will fast track your career, short courses are your best bet. In this article we will explore all the benefits of studying short courses.

Should You Study Short Courses? 

Are you looking to study further and not sure which way to go? You have so many options available to you. Be it going to a university, a college, doing short courses via distance learning or online learning. However, if you want to study something that will fast track your career quicker than you can say, “Career”, short courses are your best bet. So, should you study short courses? Yes, absolutely! In this article we will explore all the perks and benefits of studying short courses.

What Are Short Courses?

A group of student who study short courses seated on the stairs outside a buildingSo, before we talk about why you should study short courses, let’s first explain what short courses are. Short courses are courses made specifically for a certain skill set needed for a particular job. Unlike regular 3 -4 year university programmes that teach you a wide range of information for a particular field, short courses offer specifics. They could be done within a day, a couple of months to a few months. The best thing about them is that they can be done via distance learning with colleges such as Skills Academy, while you work. They teach workplace readiness so that by the time you are done, you are ready to be in the workforce.

Types of Courses

There are different types of courses out there. These courses could be accredited or non accredited. Accredited courses carry some form of weight when you want to study further in a different college. This means that they’re transferable so you can get a pass from doing a certain module because you have already done it or use the certificate you earned to enrol with. Non accredited courses are just as important because they prove your credibility to an employer.

You may not be able to study further with them in a different institute. However, they will be solid proof that you have an acquired skill should you want to apply for a job. Most employers are more than happy employing people with non accredited courses. Below are some of the non accredited short courses with high employment rate:

Should You Study Short Courses?

Now back to the big question. “ Should you study short courses?” Again yes, absolutely and here’s why:

Short Courses Help Advance Your Career

Career advancement is a big deal for everyone with big dreams. You don’t want to remain in the same position for years and years. The best way to make sure that this does happen, is by enrolling for a short course. These courses can be completed within a very short period of time. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the position you want being redundant by the time you finish your course! Let us help you walk that mile you need to boost up your career. You will not regret it.

They Keep Your Mind Sharp

Because these courses have a shorter duration of completion time does not mean they have less information to teach. They’re just cleverly created to be finished in a short period of time. Doing them will definitely sharpen up your mind and teach you to be a fast learner, a trait most employers love! With us, you get rewarded for being a fast learner and finishing up earlier than the course’s duration. If you finish fast, you stop paying for the remaining months!

They Give You A Competitive Edge in the Workplace

A student who studies short courses is seated on a step stool at the library, reading a book.Studying short courses shows that you take your career seriously. It also shows that you are a person who is always finding ways to improve themselves. Short courses teach you a new skill. That skill could be a valuable skill in your workplace and could be impressive to your bosses.

Because of this, you may be a first choice for any available position with more responsibilities. They could make you more respectable and trustworthy. This is because in general, people tend to respect people with some level of education. Especially that higher than theirs! Who wouldn’t want to have all these perks?

All of these are proof that studying short courses is a smart way to get education. It is easy, fast and affordable. You may want to go to a university but think of all that time you will be using to study towards one thing when you can do it in a short period of time. And not only that, you also stand a chance of getting good positions at work with good pay!

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022