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Are you good at capturing those memorable moments on camera? If so, our Interior Decorating Design and Photography Courses might just be what you need to start your career.

Interior Decorating Courses

Interior Decorating Comprehensive Course

Interior Design combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Start studying right away!

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Interior Decorating Proficiency Course

Interior Decorating is an exciting career to be in.This Interior Decorating Proficiency Certificate will give you the tools to unleash your inner creative.

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Interior Decorating Short Course

This following course provides a solid foundation for anyone who would like to pursue a career in the Interior Decorating industry. Sign up with us today!

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What is Interior Decorating and Design? 

Interior decorating and design are often mistaken as being the same thing. Though the two do go hand in hand, there are some slight differences. 

Interior decorating involves bringing a room to life by adding colour, accessories and furniture, then arranging it in a beautiful way. Not only does this make the space look better, it also makes it functional and a joy to live and work in. 

Interior design, on the other hand, involves the planning of the structure of the room itself to make it functional, as well as attractive. While interior designers are also allowed to decorate, a decorator isn’t allowed to design. 

How can I Become an Interior Decorator? 

Do you have a love for decorating and knack for arranging furniture, decor and accessories? If you do, then a career as an interior decorator might just be perfect for you. Besides having an eye for detail and passion for the job, you also need to take note of the following: 

Look at Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Skills 

A good sign of your natural talent is when you are getting complimented on your decorating skills or asked for advice. However, when working with others, you’ll be exposed to a range of different styles and tastes. You’ll have to be able to show great knowledge of space planning, fabrics and material, as well as how to work with different personalities. 

List areas that may be a challenge, and work on them. Great organising and business skills are also needed to handle jobs well. 

Take Interior Decor Courses 

Online programs or classes can be useful in helping you become more credible. Skills Academy offers Interior decorating courses through distance-learning. 

  • Short course in Interior Decorating 
  • Comprehensive Certificate in Interior Decorating 
  • Proficiency Certificate in Interior Decorating 

Not only will you learn the basics of interior decorating, you’ll also learn about communication and business writing. 

Practice Decorating 

Volunteer to help friends and family with decorating projects. You could even look for non-profit organisations whose offices need some TLC,  but can’t afford to hire someone. Even decorating for a special event is a valid experience. 

Put Together a Portfolio 

Make sure to take photos of all your projects once they are complete. Keep hard copies, as well as digital, and look for chances to showcase your work online.

Interior Decorating Design and Photography Courses 

Becoming an Interior Designer 

It’s important to know the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer before you decide if this is the right career for you. Besides having good interior design taste, there are a few other things you also need to consider. 

Knack for Design

In order to become an interior designer, you need to have a natural flair for colour, arrangement of spaces, building design and materials. 

Take Interior Design Courses 

To become an interior decorator, you need to have knowledge on the field. Skills Academy offers interior design courses through distance-learning. 

  • Short course in Interior Design 
  • Comprehensive Certificate in Interior Design 
  • Proficiency Certificate in Interior Design 

These courses will teach you the basics of interior design, as well as communication and business writing skills. 

Develop a Portfolio 

Just like decorators, designers need to keep a record of the jobs they have completed and have evidence of the quality of their work. You can expand your portfolio faster if you are willing to work for free or take on projects with small budgets. It’s useful to not only have hard copies, but electronic ones as well. This makes things easier when applying for jobs or promoting your work online. 

What is Photography? 

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually through a digital sensor or film,  to create an image. It plays an important role in our lives as they capture memories or events we don’t want to forget. Photography is more than just art. It’s a skill. Professional photographers take time to study their art, learning how to take an eye-catching photo.

Types of Photography 

When starting a career in photography, it can be challenging to decide what type of photography you want to pursue. There are many different types available, and you can choose to specialise in one of the following:


Combine your love for traveling and photography.  If you love capturing scenery and nature, landscape photography might be for you. 


Wildlife photographers take photos of animals in their natural habitat. They also capture their behaviour and cute antics. If you have a love for animals, then wildlife photography would be a perfect choice. 


Take your photography to new heights with aerial photography. Aerial photographers take photos from a higher distance, like from a plane or hot air balloon. They do this to get a bigger view of the subject and its background. 


Capture the major moments in sporting events. Sports photography can be one of the most difficult as it requires practice and special camera lenses. But if you like a challenge, it can be very rewarding, especially if it ends up in a newspaper or magazine. 

Wedding or Event

Most new photographers start with either wedding photography or event photography. Wedding and event photographers can make a decent living as there is a greater demand for these kinds of photography. 

Family or Baby 

Usually when a baby is born, the family would celebrate their new bundle of joy by capturing their first few days on camera. If these kinds of special moments melts your heart, family or baby photography would be ideal for you. 


This deals with taking photos of structures, houses and buildings from different angles. The main purpose it to create a positive impact on potential real estate buyers. 

What Makes a Great Photographer? 

Being a great photographer is more than just mastering your camera or owning the best gear. It’s about the qualities that allow you to see the beauty in unexpected places, and wanting to capture it. 

  • Creativity and imagination 
  • An eye for detail 
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Good people skills
  • Passion 

Why Should I Study Photography Courses? 

Sometimes the only way to gain valuable photography skills is to take a course. Other reasons why it can benefit you includes: 

  • To learn the skills 
  • Having a qualification can help you find work more easily 
  • To add to your portfolio 
  • Earn some extra money
  • Learn different photography styles

What do I Need to Study Interior Decorating Design and Photography Courses?

Don’t have matric? No worries. To sign up for our Interior Decorating Design and Photography Courses, all you need is grade 10, to be 16 years or older, and be able to read and write in English.

Ready to get Creative? Sign up for our Interior Decorating Design and Photography Courses Today! 

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Last Updated: May 05, 2020

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