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At Skills Academy it isn’t just about the goal in the end, but also the process of reaching that goal. That is why we make sure to give you the best support in reaching your final goal of getting qualified. We take every little step with you. See below what makes us so special.

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Lady working on her laptop. Who Qualifies for Adult Matric?

Kry jou Matriek

As jy nie jou Matriek kon kry nie of jou punte wil verbeter, kan jy die regte kursus met ons studeer. Dit is nooit te laat om jou Matriek met ons te kry nie.
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Adult Matric Courses At Skills Academy

Volwasse Matriek

Voltooi jou Volwasse Matriek Kursus en kry ‘n sertifikaat wat op dieselfde vlak as tradisionele Matriek is. Dit is nooit te laat om jou Matriek te kry nie!
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Matriek Opgradering

As jy reeds Matriek geskryf het, het jy nog steeds die kans om jou uitslae te verbeter. Voltooi ons Matriek Opgradering Kursus en kry die punte wat jy verdien.
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Quality Student Support

We offer world-class support to our students, guaranteed! Quickly resolve any study or account related query without any hassles. We want to help you finish fast! The faster you finish, the less you pay!

5-7 Day Delivery

Study material delivery is included in your course fee. If you miss the delivery or fail to pick it up within 3 days, it will be returned to the college. If you want a second delivery attempt, you'll need to pay for it.

Finish fast and pay less

If you finish your course early, you can stop payments early. So if you sign up for a 12-month course, but you finish it in 10 months, then you don’t have to pay for the last two months.

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