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No matter where in Durban you may find yourself, you can further your studies. Our Durban Courses guide will help you find a course and qualification to kick-start your career.

What Courses can I Study in Durban?

There are quite a few courses you can enrol to study for in Durban. You can consider your options with Durban University of Technology or the University of KwaZulu Natal. However, if you can’t secure a place there – it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of opportunities available to you. Why not give distance learning a shot? Here are some of the qualifications you can get with distance learning. 


Teaching is quite a popular course to study in Durban. If you don’t want to attend university, but still love to work with children then Educare and Child Care Courses are your best option. With these courses you can explore your careers options and even become an entrepreneur. 


If you love working with numbers and doing calculations, why not explore this field. You can consider doing Bookkeeping, Accounting or Even Financial Management. There’s always a demand for accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals. This career field also offers you a chance to earn a respectable amount of money. If you can’t gain entry to a Durban university to study commerce, our CIMA and ICB courses might be something that sparks your interest. 

Beauty Courses

Want to enrol for Beauty Courses in Durban? If there’s not a beauty school in the area you live in, then distance learning courses should be something to consider. A lot of beauty courses take place after hours, but with distance learning you can set your own. The great thing about beauty courses is that you can become your own boss, and you can get started without matric. We offer the following Beauty Courses you can do from your the comfort of your home:

IT and Computer Courses

Want to Study IT and Computer Courses in Durban but can’t relocate to live near campus? Distance learning has made courses like IT accessible to all. You have access to course experts to help you with your study related queries. You can choose to specialise in a field that interests you. From PC Repairing to Software Development, we have something for everyone. 

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Durban Courses – What Qualification can I get?

Want to know how credible our Durban Courses are? Here’s what each of our qualifications mean:


Certificate courses take a few months or years to complete and are nationally recognised. These courses are perfect for students who want to enter the workplace in a short amount of time, but still want to prove their credibility. 


There are two kinds of programmes that allow you to work towards getting your diploma. They are NATED Courses and ICB programs. The ICB has made it possible for students who don’t have matric to work towards getting their diploma. You will need to apply for an ICB certificate course and then finish your diploma course. For NATED Courses on the other hand, you need to have a matric. There are three levels to complete, and then you need 18 months work experience before you get your National Diploma. 

Provider Programmes

Provider programmes are created by learning institutions, course experts and industry professionals. The purpose of these courses are to help students gain the needed skills to step into the workplace. These programmes are non-accredited, but still hold a lot of value. Provider programmes are normally aimed towards people who never finished school. This gives them a second chance at life. 

Kick-Start Your Career With Our Durban Courses

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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Cherri-Lee Rhode
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