Who Qualifies For NATED Courses?

Get the information that you need to understand how to pass the requirements and qualify to enrol in a NATED course at Skills Academy!

Have you ever dreamed of a new career? Or perhaps you are looking to upskill yourself to advance in your current role? No matter what your goal is, a National Diploma (NATED) course could be the perfect way to achieve it.

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) grants accreditation to NATED courses. They are designed to provide you with the in-demand skills and knowledge. Which you will need to succeed in the South African job market.

But who qualifies for NATED courses? The good news is that the entry requirements are relatively straightforward. To qualify for a NATED course, you must have a Matric certificate. If you meet these basic requirements, you are eligible to apply for a NATED course. Learn more about NATED courses and apply to a program that is right for you.

What Are The Different Types Of NATED Courses Available In South Africa?

The goals of NATED courses are to impart knowledge and skills to students. Their success in the South African employment market is facilitated by these abilities and expertise. Numerous NATED courses in a multitude of subjects are available at Skills Academy. 

Our list of NATED courses includes the following:

Business Management NATED Courses

The Business Management NATED course teaches skills needed to manage a successful business. You will learn about business planning, marketing, finance, and operations. This course suits students who aim to start their own business. Or students who want to advance their careers in business management.

Educare NATED Courses

These are needed to work in early childhood development. You will learn about child development and early childhood education curriculum and methods. This course is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in childcare.

Financial Management NATED Courses

With this course, you will be knowledgeable and skilful in managing an organisation’s finances. This course suits students interested in accounting, finance, or banking careers. You will learn about:

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Risk management

Human Resources Management NATED Courses

This course will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary for managing an organisation’s human resources. You will learn about recruitment, selection, and performance management. You will be part of a team of experts that knows who to hire. 

Legal Secretary NATED Courses

The skills needed to support lawyers and legal professionals are packed into our course. You will learn about legal terminology, legal procedures, and legal document preparation. This course is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in the legal field.

Management Assistant NATED Courses

In need of specific skills? These skills are for providing administrative support to managers and executives. You will learn about office management and communication. This course suits students interested in office administration or executive assistance careers.

Marketing Management NATED Courses

You will learn to develop and implement marketing strategies for organisations. You will also learn about market research, product development, pricing, and promotion. You could choose this course if you are interested in the following careers:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations careers

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Each Type Of NATED Course?

To enrol in a NATED course, you must meet specific entry requirements. These requirements ensure you have the foundation needed for success. Here is a breakdown of the requirements:

  • Matric Certificate
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • No prior work experience needed

The real key to success in a NATED program lies in your drive and determination. If you do not have your matric, Skills Academy offers Matric Upgrade and Adult Matric Courses. If you are eager to qualify for a NATED Course, this could be a suitable option for you.

How Are NATED And NCV Courses Different From Each Other?

NCV certificates empower graduates to pursue self-employment opportunities upon completion. NATED N4 – N6 qualifications offer post-school education, enhancing expertise in specialised fields.

Consider the two options compared in this table:

DifferenceNCVNATED N4-N6
QualificationLeads to National Certificate Vocational (NQF levels 2-4)Leads to National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NQF level 6)
Level of EducationOffered at levels 2 to 4Offered at levels N4 to N6
FocusEmphasises vocational skills and practical trainingFocuses on theoretical knowledge and technical expertise
DurationTypically, 3 yearsTypically, 18 months to 3 years
Career OpportunitiesPrepares students for employment or entrepreneurship in specific trades or industriesProvides a pathway to employment or further education in technical fields

Both NCV and NATED courses offer valuable pathways to success. They cater to different educational needs and career aspirations. 

  • NCV equips graduates with hands-on skills for immediate entry into the workforce. It also prepares them for entrepreneurial ventures. This provides a solid foundation for business endeavours
  • While NATED N4-N6 provides in-depth theoretical knowledge and technical expertise for specialised fields

Choosing a NATED qualification could help you reach your career goals. Whether you prefer practical work or learning about theories. Skills Academy does not offer NCV. Our NATED courses give you strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

Which Is More Recognised In The Industry?

When it comes to recognition in the real world, both NATED and NCV paths have their strengths. NATED qualifications are known for their industry-focused curriculum. They are well-regarded in industries like business, finance, and hospitality. 

NCV certificates are valuable in sectors that prioritise hands-on skills and vocational training. Such as hospitality, healthcare, and automotive trades.

Which Offers A Broader Range Of Subjects?

NATED courses generally offer more subjects to choose from compared to NCV. With NATED, you can explore fields like business, finance, educare and marketing. This gives you more options to find what interests you. 

NCV focuses more on specific job skills, offering fewer subjects but diving deeper into practical knowledge. The number of subjects for NCV courses could vary depending on the qualification level. 

How Long Do NATED Courses Take To Complete?

These courses dive deep into technical and vocational areas. They offer an extensive education as well. NATED courses can take about three years to complete. Each NATED level takes between 6 and 12 months. This gives you ample time to grasp the ins and outs of your chosen field.

Are There Accelerated Programs For NATED Courses?

While NATED courses offer thorough and rigorous training. It is essential to note that Skills Academy offers a study fast and pay-less option. With this option, you could save a good amount on your studies. 

Can I Extend My Study Duration If Needed?

Absolutely! One of the great things about studying with Skills Academy is the flexibility we offer. If life throws you a curveball, you can extend your study duration. Additionally, if you need a bit more time to complete your NATED course, you have the option to do so. We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Are There Penalties For Not Completing The Course In The Stipulated Time?

At Skills Academy, we think that students should be empowered. We do not penalise them if they cannot complete their course within the stipulated time. Instead, we work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Our goal is to help you succeed on your educational journey. 

This includes options like extending your study duration. When necessary, we also offer extra assistance.

Who Can Apply For A NATED Course?

NATED courses are designed for a wide range of learners. They accommodate recent Matric graduates and individuals who have been out of school for some time. NATED courses offer valuable opportunities for skill enhancement, career change, or further education. If you are motivated to learn and ready for the next step, a NATED course could be perfect for you.

What If I Completed My Matric Years Ago?

It is not a problem if you finished your Matric years ago. You can still apply for a NATED course. At Skills Academy, we welcome learners from all walks of life. It does not matter when you complete your Matric. It does not matter if you matriculated recently or years ago. You can still pursue further education and career advancement with us.

Are There Specific Subjects Or Grades Required In Matric?

While there are no specific subjects or grades required in Matric to apply for a NATED course. Having some knowledge of on topics will be a great advantage. However, the key element of our courses is that they cover foundation subjects.

This means that you do not need a background in any of our streams. The basics will be covered in the first N4 levels of each diploma course. 

Can I Apply For A NATED Course If I Have A Matric Equivalent Certificate?

The answer is yes! At Skills Academy, we welcome applicants with various educational backgrounds, including those holding matric equivalent certificates. Whether you have a Senior Certificate or another qualification on an NQF level 4, you are eligible to apply for most of our NATED courses.

Policies may change. Be sure to double-check with our course experts to see if your Matric equivalent qualification meets the NATED Course you want to apply for.

What Qualifies As A Matric Equivalent?

A certificate obtained at NQF level 4 is seen as equivalent to a Matric Certificate. This means that if you qualify for this level, you have achieved the equivalent of Matric.

Having a Matric equivalent certificate opens doors to various opportunities. This includes further education and career advancement. It does not matter how you got your Senior Certificate. Either through adult education or a technical college, it is equally valuable. 

How Do I Verify The Authenticity Of My Matric Equivalent?

Verifying the authenticity of your Matric equivalent certificate is crucial. This ensures that it meets the necessary standards for admission to a NATED course. Here are a few steps you can take to verify the authenticity of your certificate:

  1. Check Accreditation
  2. Contact Education Authorities
  3. Seek Guidance

Check Accreditation

Ensure that the institution or organisation issuing the certificate is accredited. This accreditation must come from the relevant education authorities in your country. This step is vital to guarantee the legitimacy and recognition of your certificate.

Contact Education Authorities

Reach out to the education authorities in your province to confirm your certificate’s legitimacy. Ask them if it is recognised as equal to a matric. This step is crucial to ensure your certificate is valid and accepted for further studies or work.

Seek Guidance

If you are unsure about the authenticity of your certificate, you can seek guidance. Seek guidance from our admissions team. They can assist. They can also offer advice on the verification process.

By checking that your Matric equivalent certificate is genuine, you ensure its authenticity. This makes sure it meets the admission criteria for a NATED course. This step lets you move forward with your education and career goals confidently.

At Skills Academy, we are committed to providing accessible education opportunities for all.

Can I Apply For A NATED Course If I Am Currently Employed?

Being employed does not disqualify you from applying for a NATED course. Many of our students choose to pursue further education while working. This helps them enhance their skills and advance their careers. Here are some benefits of working and studying simultaneously:

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge while continuing to earn income
  • Improved career prospects and advancement opportunities
  • Ability to apply theoretical learning directly to practical work situations
  • Increased job satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in your field
  • Potential for higher earning potential with additional qualifications
  • Development of time management and organisational skills

NATED courses let you study in a way that fits your work schedule. You can improve your skills in your current job or prepare for a new career. With a NATED course, you can reach your goals and keep working at the same time.

Can I Apply For A NATED Course If I Am A Foreign Student?

Yes, foreign students are welcome to apply for NATED courses at Skills Academy. However, they would need to first have their academic records verified at SAQA

To study in South Africa, you must have the appropriate visa and resident status. If English is not your first language, you will probably have to demonstrate your fluency. Our course experts are ready to guide you through the application process. They can also answer any questions about studying here as an international student.

How Do I Apply For A NATED Course?

Applying for a NATED course at Skills Academy is simple. Here is a detailed set of instructions you can utilise:

  1. Navigate To The NATED Course Section
  2. Complete The Online Application Form
  3. Review Your Application
  4. Submit Your Application
  5. Await Confirmation

Navigate To The NATED Course Section

On our website, you can navigate to the NATED course section. You can discover comprehensive details about every course that is offered here. You will also find course descriptions, course durations, and entry requirements.

Complete The Online Application Form

Fill out all the required fields in the application form with accurate information. This involves providing personal information and contact details.

Review Your Application

Before finalising your application, ensure that you thoroughly review all the information. Make sure to check for accuracy and completeness. Verify its accuracy and completeness to avoid any potential errors or omissions.

Submit Your Application

Once you are satisfied with your application, click the “Submit” button to send it to our admissions team for review. This officially completes the application process on your end.

Await Confirmation

After submitting your application, our admissions team will review it thoroughly. You can expect to receive confirmation of receipt within a few business days. If any additional information or documentation is required, our team will reach out to you promptly.

Applying for a NATED course at Skills Academy is a straightforward process. The process is designed to fit your needs and ease your educational journey. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, or a working professional, the same level of support is available to you.

What Documents Are Required For The Application?

When applying for a NATED course you will need to submit certain documents. You will need to provide these documents during the application process. These typically include:

  • Matric Certificate Or Equivalent Qualification
  • Identification Document
  • Proof Of Residency

Matric Certificate Or Equivalent Qualification

This is a fundamental requirement for most NATED courses. Your matric certificate demonstrates that you have completed high school education or its equivalent. This will be needed for your registration. 

Identification Document

You will need to submit a copy of your identification document, such as your ID card or passport, to verify your identity.

Proof Of Residency (If Applicable)

If you are a South African citizen, you may need to provide proof of residency, such as a bank statement.

Are There Application Deadlines?

At Skills Academy, we strive to provide flexible enrolment options. These options are designed to accommodate students’ diverse needs and schedules. Therefore, we do not typically have strict application deadlines for our NATED courses.

We operate on a rolling admissions basis. This means that you can apply for most courses at any time throughout the year. This allows you to start your studies when it is most convenient for you. Whether you are ready to begin immediately or prefer to start at a later date is completely up to you.

We encourage prospective students to submit their applications as soon as possible. Even though there are no deadlines. This allows enough time for processing and preparation before the start of the course. This also helps secure your spot in the program, as some courses may have limited capacity or high demand.

If you have any concerns about application deadlines reach out to our course experts for assistance. We are here to help you navigate the application process and provide guidance every step of the way.

Are NATED Courses Accredited?

Yes! Our NATED courses are accredited and recognised by important educational authorities. This accreditation means our courses meet high-quality standards. This results in a valuable qualification when you finish.

Are NATED Courses Online?

Yes, many of our NATED courses offer online components. This enables flexible study from any location at any time. You can submit assignments and communicate with lecturers through our online platform. It is important to note that students receive all their study materials via courier. 

This hybrid approach combines the convenience of online learning with a significant addition. It includes the tangible resources required for comprehensive study.

Do Online Courses Have The Same Recognition?

Yes. Online NATED courses offered by Skills Academy have the same recognition as traditional courses. Our online courses undergo the same accreditation processes. This ensures they meet the same standards and requirements as their offline counterparts. 

Upon successful completion of your online NATED course, you will receive a qualification. It is nationally recognised and valued by employers and institutions alike.

Are There Any Technical Requirements For Online Courses?

Our online courses are designed to be accessible to students with basic computer skills. You will need to meet a few technical requirements to ensure a smooth learning experience. These typically include:

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Computer Or Device
  • Software

Reliable Internet Connection

You will need a stable Internet connection to access course materials. This allows you to submit assignments. Ensuring a reliable connection will enhance your learning experience.

Computer Or Device

You will need access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is to access the online learning platform and course materials. Having a suitable device ensures you can fully engage with your studies.


For some courses, you might need certain software or apps to do your assignments. This depends on what you are studying. These requirements will be outlined in the course materials.

Are NATED Courses Available Through Distance Learning?

Absolutely! At Skills Academy, we understand the importance of flexibility in education. That is why many of our NATED courses are available through distance learning. This option allows you to study from the comfort of your own home or any location of your choice.

How Are Distance Learning Courses Structured?

Our distance learning courses are structured to offer a comprehensive learning experience. They are designed to be engaging as well. Upon enrolment, you will receive all the necessary study materials via courier. 

The course content is divided into manageable modules or units. Each unit covers specific topics or learning objectives. These modules are yours to complete at your speed. Take the time you need to understand and master the material. 

As you go along, you will do different types of tests. These include quizzes, assignments, and exams. These assessments help measure your progress and understanding. Our online courses come with help from experienced tutors and support staff. 

Are There Any In-Person Requirements?

No, there are no in-person requirements for our distance learning courses. The only exception is for in-person exams that need to be written. This means that you can complete the entire course from wherever you are. 

You will not need to attend any face-to-face classes or workshops. However, please note that some courses may need you to take exams in person. These exams are held at designated exam centres.

How Do Exams Work For Distance Learning Courses?

Exams for distance learning courses at Skills Academy are designed to be accessible. They aim to be convenient for students. Here is how they work:

  • Scheduled Exams
  • Designated Exam Centres
  • Exam Invigilating
  • Exam Format
  • Preparation

Scheduled Exams

For most courses, exams are scheduled at specific times throughout the year. You will receive detailed information about exam dates and locations well in advance. This allows you to plan accordingly.

Designated Exam Centres

You will be required to write your exams at designated exam centres. These centres are located nationwide for your convenience. You can choose the centre that is most convenient for you based on your location.

Exam Invigilating

Exams are invigilated to ensure fairness and integrity. Trained invigilators supervise the exam sessions to maintain a secure testing environment.

Exam Format

Exams can be in different formats. These formats include multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and essays. The format will depend on the specific requirements of your course.


To get ready for exams, you will have study materials from your course. Our tutors are also here to help with any questions and to give advice on preparing for exams. Feel free to reach out to them whenever you need assistance or guidance.

Understanding the process and structure of exams for distance learning courses is crucial. It ensures preparedness and success in your academic endeavours.

How Do I Choose The Right Institution For My Course?

Choosing the right institution for your course is crucial. It can greatly impact your educational journey and future career prospects. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an institution:

  • Accreditation
  • Course Content
  • Flexibility
  • Support Services
  • Cost and Financial Aid


When you are checking out an institution, make sure it is accredited. And do not forget to see if the course itself is accredited too. Accreditation means the institution meets certain standards. This means employers and other educational institutions will recognise your qualifications.

Course Content

Check the course curriculum and content to see if it matches your goals. Make sure it covers the right topics and gives you useful skills for your chosen career. Additionally, consider if there are opportunities for hands-on experience or internships.


Consider how flexible the course is. Look into whether the institution offers part-time or online options. Check if these options match your schedule and lifestyle. Also, see if they are flexible about adjusting your study pace or taking breaks when needed.

Support Services

Check out the institution’s support services, like academic help and career guidance. A supportive environment with resources can help you succeed in your studies.

Cost And Financial Aid

Think about how much the course costs and whether it fits your budget. This will help make education more affordable and accessible. Skills Academy does not offer bursaries or scholarships. We provide flexible payment plans tailored to suit various financial situations. We also offer a unique “study fast, pay less” option to further support accessibility to our courses.

Choosing the right institution is crucial. Accreditation and reputation matter for your qualifications. Flexibility, support services, and financial options at places like Skills Academy make your education accessible and fulfilling.

What Are The Benefits Of NATED Courses?

NATED courses offer a unique blend of flexibility, affordability, and industry-recognised credentials. This makes it a valuable option for individuals looking to improve their skills or start their careers. The following examples are some benefits of studying NATED courses:

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Industry Recognition


NATED courses accommodate various life and work commitments. This ensures accessibility and convenience for students. These courses are offered in various formats, including part-time, online, and blended options. This allows you to fit learning around your existing commitments.

Many NATED courses have online components. This enables you to study remotely without geographical limitations.


One of the significant advantages of NATED courses is their cost-effectiveness. This makes quality education accessible to a broader range of learners. This is how we promote inclusivity and opportunity:

  • Lower Cost: NATED courses are generally less expensive than college degrees
  • Fast Return On Investment: Compared to university degrees, NATED programmes are usually shorter. As a result, you can start working and making money sooner 

Industry Recognition

NATED courses are esteemed within industries. They provide learners with credentials that are highly valued and respected by employers. This enhances their employability and career prospects.

  • NATED qualifications are recognised by employers across South Africa. This enhances your employability
  • They are developed in collaboration with industry experts. This means the skills you learn are relevant and in demand

For those looking to improve their abilities, NATED courses are a great option because of their exceptional value, flexibility, and industry recognition. They provide people the chance to seek further education and start successful careers.

Are NATED Courses Worth It?

Whether NATED courses are “worth it” depends on your goals and circumstances. Consider the following factors:

  • Your Career Aspirations
  • Your Learning Style
  • Your Financial Situation

Your Career Aspirations

Find out whether a NATED course meets the standards of the industry. This is important if you have a certain profession or career path in mind. This ensures that you are investing your time and resources wisely. You are choosing a program that directly supports your professional goals.

Your Learning Style

If you prefer flexibility and hands-on learning, NATED courses might be a good fit. With distance learning you can tailor your study approach to suit your needs. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies with other commitments more effectively. This helps you maximise your learning potential.

Your Budget

Consider the cost of the course compared to other options. Then, explore available assistance such as payment plans. This is an avenue that can make your education more affordable and accessible.

Overall, NATED courses are a great way to gain industry-relevant skills and qualifications. Just take a moment to think about what you need and where you want to go. A NATED course might be the perfect fit for you!

How Do NATED Courses Compare In Cost To Other Educational Pathways?

NATED courses can be budget-friendly, but consider all financial factors. This helps you make an informed choice that matches your financial goals. These include: 

  • Tuition Fees
  • The Cost Of Study Materials
  • Potential Future Earnings

Carefully considering these financial factors ensures that you make a decision aligned with your long-term financial well-being. It also helps you pursue your career aspirations effectively.

What Are Some Tips For Succeeding In A NATED Course?

Conquering your NATED course is an exciting opportunity to elevate your skills. It can help you unlock career possibilities and a brighter future for yourself. But like any journey, it requires strategic planning and the right tools to navigate challenges. Here are some essential pointers to get you there.

How Can I Best Manage My Study Time?

Effective time management is crucial for success in a NATED course. Here are some strategies to help you manage your study time effectively:

  • Set out a specific time to study every day for all modules or subjects.  Divide up your time into manageable portions to avoid any burnout
  • Prioritise tasks based on deadlines. Ensure you focus on the most critical aspects of your coursework. Consider their importance to guide your prioritisation effectively
  • Eliminate distractions during study sessions to maximise productivity and concentration. Consider studying in a quiet, dedicated workspace free from interruptions

Mastering time management is the key to achieving success in your NATED course. Accept these tactics to increase your output to the fullest. Work towards your academic goals with confidence and determination.

Are There Study Groups Or Resources I Should Be Aware Of?

Enhance your learning experience by joining study groups. Utilise additional resources available for NATED courses to support your academic journey. Here are some options to consider:

  • Participate in study groups offered by Skills Academy. Here, you can collaborate with peers, ask questions, and share insights
  • Take advantage of tutoring sessions and study guides offered. These resources can help reinforce learning and clarify concepts effectively

You can enhance your understanding of course material by using study groups and resources. Improve academic performance and succeed in your NATED course journey.

How Skills Academy Can Help You Achieve Your NATED Goals

The mission of Skills Academy is to support students in achieving their NATED objectives. Among the many support services we provide are the following:

  • Our NATED courses are offered online, so you can study from anywhere, at any time
  • Our NATED courses are taught by experienced and qualified educators
  • We offer support services to help you succeed in your studies. These include academic support, counselling as well as finding the right payment options

If you are keen on finding out more about the NATED courses available at Skills Academy, you can contact our course experts.

People Also Ask

NATED courses are updated often to meet industry requirements and remain current. This enables them to stay current with industry developments. They usually get updated every few years. This happens to meet changing educational needs and feedback from stakeholders.

NATED courses provide qualifications recognised nationwide for South Africa’s education and job market. They offer specialised training in specific fields. International qualifications can be recognised differently depending on the country or institution.

Yes, you can take a NATED course alongside other courses or full-time employment, as they typically offer flexible study options. Which include part-time and distance learning programs. This allows you to balance your studies with your existing commitments.

Skills Academy provides a Telegram group for students. You can use it to communicate with other students. You can communicate with tutors in this way as well. It enhances collaboration and support among students.

Depending on the institutions and programs, you might transfer credits between NATED courses. The courses need to align in content and meet transfer credit criteria. It is best to ask course experts about credit transfer policies.

Author: Angela Mouton
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: February 26, 2024

Last Updated: 26 February 2024



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