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Want to study part-time and would like more information about Part-Time Courses? Here we explain all the questions you might have regarding this topic.

What is a Part Time Course?

Many people have responsibilities they need to take care of, and they therefore can’t commit to studying. Becoming a full-time college or university student is not part of their agenda. That’s why many institutions have developed part-time learning programmes. These courses are more flexible. Part-time students often have to attend class on weekends or even after hours. 

How Long is a Part-Time Course?

This can vary on the type of course you enrol for and the learning institutions. Generally, you can do short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications on a part-time basis. So part-time courses can take a few weeks up to 5 or 6 years to complete. It depends on the programme you enrolled for. Undergraduate programmes will take the longest to complete. 

What’s the Difference Between Part-Time Courses and Distance Learning?

The biggest difference between the two is that you still have to attend classes with part-time courses. Classes are usually scheduled on weekends or after regular college and university operating hours. This gives students who are employed at a full-time basis a chance to attend class after hours. 

If transportation is your main concern and you don’t want to spend extra on relocating, then distance learning is your best option. There are no classes scheduled for distance learning, but you will get online support from your lecturers. Some institutions may even give you access to online study groups. 

Where can I Study Part-Time Courses?

Most universities, colleges and other learning institutions give students the option to do their courses part-time. But that does not apply to all courses. There are also private institutions that offer beauty, marketing, photography and other courses on a part-time basis. 

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What Courses can I Study Part-Time?

The courses you can enrol to study for depends on the learning institution and the location. Here are some of the popular choices among part-time students:

Part-Time Beauty Courses

Beauty Courses are a popular choice. There are many private bodies that offer these courses and most of them are offered by professional make-up artists and other industry professionals. These courses are generally pricier than most, and you have to buy beauty tools from the institution to complete your course. These courses often only focus on the practical aspects of things. 

If you’re looking for an option with flexible payment fees and one that will teach you theory as well, consider our distance learning Beauty Courses.

Part-Time Marketing 

There are a lot of private institutions that offer short courses on different topics in marketing. These courses often take place after hours and students need to complete practical assessments. Many of the programmes that are offered are also undergraduate programmes. 

Looking for marketing courses that cover all the important aspects of marketing? Then take a look at our distance learning Marketing Courses. 

Part-Time Photography Courses

This course is often taught by professional photographers. Students can choose their field of interest and specialise in wedding photography, glam photography and more. There are also other colleges that offer this course and you may get a diploma or certificate after completion. 

Interested in photography but not too keen on attending classes? Consider our distance learning Photography Courses and start building your skills. 

Part-Time Computer Courses

There are many kinds of computer courses you can enrol for. If you want to learn the basics of typing, you can visit a PC centre to gain these skills. However, not every neighbourhood has the facilities and you can put yourself at harm by visiting your local library. There are also IT Courses you can study part-time. Courses like PC Repairing and Software Development. 

Are you looking for quality education with excellent books and academic support on speed dial? Then our distance learning Computer Courses might just be for you.

Other Part-Time Courses

These are just a few of the courses you can choose to study on a part-time basis at an institution of your choice. There are a lot more. We do not over part-time courses – we are a distance learning institution. With our courses you can safely practice social distancing, because you never have to leave your house for class. Earn your qualification from the comfort of your home!

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Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode

Last Updated: May 15, 2020

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