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The Skills Academy Courses are brought to you with the belief that YOU have the right to study!

The courses are designed with you in mind – you can improve your skills, work better, faster, become a more efficient manager and much more. With a qualification in your pocket you will get that feeling of achievement – and it feels great!


Accredited Courses

We have a range of Accredited Courses that can help you kick off your career.  These courses are for the student who wants to make a big impression when they start seeking work.

We have accredited courses in Financial Management,  Business Management, Office Management, Public Sector Accounting and Entrepreneurship.

When you choose Skills Academy courses that are accredited you know that a government education department has been to our offices and checked that we have a full, supportive program in place that can help our students pass.

These courses are examined by an outside body, and have subscription and exam fees to be paid directly to the accrediting body.  The courses are often much longer and more expensive than non-accredited programs, but they are a faster root to a thriving career.


Non accredited courses (Provider Programs)

Although many students are concerned with the accreditation of a program, there is a real  need for provider programs as well. These bring real skills training at affordable prices, helping student after student find their first job.

The study material can be created by the college, or bought from reputable and well established suppliers of distance learning education materials.

These courses are written to ensure that our students can improve knowledge and skills in order to get a promotion, or a better job.  They are often written in a modular way, meaning you can do a short course, and later add on a the additional subjects to gain a certificate.  This means you can increase your skills and qualifications over time as you have the time and the money.

If you study a provider program you will be showing your current employer your willingness to learn, and this will often be subsidised by your workplace.  Speak to your manager about your studies to find out what the policies are about this in your workplace.



Last Updated: June 14, 2018

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