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Do you want to try out a new skill? Maybe you want to study but don’t have the finances to help reach your dream? Try one of our open access courses. They are short courses that you can use to put that skill on your CV.

Why Should you Study one of the Open Access Courses at Skills Academy?

They are open to anyone from any age. No qualification is needed to study one of these courses. It takes a few months, and you get a certificate for finishing the course. Skills Academy is a distance learning college which will help you with your studies. They provide tutors to assist you as well. There is no better time then now to start any of our Open Access Courses.

Want to know more about Skills Academy and what benefits you will get by studying with us? Click on the link below to learn more!

Are These Courses of Good Quality?

Yes, they are. It also depends on your career goal. If you only want to gain more knowledge or skills, then this will enhance them. Maybe you are not sure what do you want to study? The open access courses can help you find out what do you like. It could also give you an idea of what your career could look like pursuing it.

Does the Open Access Courses Follow a Structure?

Yes, they do. Like any other course, the open access courses follow a structure to give you the best education, knowledge and skills that you need and deserve.

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Which Open Access Courses do we Offer?

We have a range of courses to offer to accommodate the majority. We offer:

  • Management studies
  • Computer studies
  • Decorating and Design studies
  • Workplace and Administration Skills studies.

Management Studies

Interested to find out what makes a business run? Then one of our management courses could assist with that. The courses deal with communication, management, customers and so forth.

Human Resource Management Courses

Do you take an interest in managing people? Have a look at one of our Human Resource Management courses. You will be responsible for employing and training new people for the company.

General Management Courses

Does overseeing projects feel like a breeze to you? Check out one of our General Management courses. A general manager is responsible for all departments. They have to make sure that all operations run smoothly in the business.

Retail Management Courses

Are you passionate about customer’s needs? Choose one of the Retail Management courses. You will learn more about training your employees in excellent customer service.

Sales Management Courses

Do you have the capability to sell anything to anyone? Or are you target driven? Sales drive the profit of a company. The higher the sales, the more profit the business makes. Take a look at our Sales Management courses.

Financial Management Courses

Are you interested in handling the finances of a company? A Financial Management course would be right for you. Learn how to plan a company’s finances so that the business stays profitable.

Apply for our Open Access CoursesOffice Management Courses

Is managing people something that you enjoy? The Office Management courses would suit you. Responsibilities include time management, planning and making sure that all work activities are in order. Find out more by clicking on the course that suits you best.

Customer Relations Courses

The focus is between customer and company interactions. It is all about the relationship between the customer and company.

Marketing Management Courses

If you feel like you would like to be on the marketing side of things, try one of our Marketing Management courses. You will learn how to manage publishers, marketers and other departments evolving around marketing.

Small Business Management Courses

Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur one day? Already started your own business? With the Small Business Management courses, you will gain more knowledge to run your business successfully. You will learn about the legislation and how to register your business by following the proper practices.

Call Centre Management Courses

Call centres are often seen as the face of the company because it represents service delivery. They deal with all incoming and outgoing calls from customers. The Call Centre Management courses will teach you skills to help you in this field.

Computer Studies

If you are the type of person who likes to be on top of new technology, then computer studies can help you with that. There are different types of computer studies that you can do. Our courses focus more on the performance of Software.

Microsoft Windows Courses

These courses are here to help you gain knowledge about the basics of computers (PC).

Decorating and Design

Are you interested in decorating homes? Maybe you would like to design the rooms for a building? Have a look at our short courses.

Short Course Certificates

Designing is all about understanding the spaces in a room for people to do their daily duties. Decorating is about filling the space with furniture and beautiful things. Find out more about these two courses that we have to offer.

Workplace and Administration Skills

The workplace and administration skills are short courses. These courses focus on how you will solve problems in a business. Staff and clients will usually come to you for questions. You require the following skills:

  • excellent communication skills
  • organisation skills
  • research skills
  • excellent customer service skills.

Find out more about the courses that we have to offer.

Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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