Study Business Management Via Distance Learning

Learn versatile skills from home when you study business management via distance learning. Enjoy the freedom of choosing where and where you want to learn.

When you study business management via distance learning, you can learn valuable, in-demand skills from the comfort of your home. This is a great way to study in a space that is fit for you.

Can I Study Business Management Via Distance Learning?

Yes, you can study business management via distance learning. This allows you to study business courses no matter where you live. 

Why Should I Study Business Management Via Distance Learning?

There are many academic and career benefits to studying ICB business management courses from home. 

  • Get a recognised qualification
  • Learn quality business skills
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Start your own business

Get A Recognised Qualification

All ICB courses are recognised. After you graduate, you will achieve an accredited qualification. This proves that you have formal training to complete your duties successfully. 

Learn Quality Business Skills

ICB business management courses will teach you various skills to help you manage a company and lead your team. This includes management and finance skills. 

Increased Job Opportunities

Since you can apply your business skills to all industries, you have many job opportunities to pursue. You stand a great chance of getting employed and starting your career

Start Your Own Business

You also have the chance to be your own boss when you study business management courses. It shows that you have the skills to help you become a successful entrepreneur. 

Where To Study Business Management Online In South Africa?

You can study business management online in South Africa with us. We are a distance learning college. We provide various courses that students can study no matter where they are in the country. This includes provinces such as:

Can I Study Business Management Courses in Cape Town?

Yes, you can study business management in Cape Town. Our ICB Courses are offered to all students from every city. This is an excellent option for students living in areas far from institutions or working full-time jobs.

Which Is The Best Course In Business Management?

The ICB business management courses are the best programmes to study. It teaches you in-demand business and finance skills that match most management positions in South Africa. There are three levels to choose from:

What Are The Requirements To Study Business Management?

To meet the business management requirements, you need: 

  • A Grade 11 certificate
  • The ability to read, write and understand English

What Are The Business Management Subjects?

There are 13 business management subjects altogether. The amount of subjects you have depends on the course you study. So the higher the qualification, the more subjects you will have. 



Small Business Financial Management 

  • Introduction to Business English 

  • Business Management 1

  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

  • Business Literacy 

Office Admin Business Management 

  • Office and Legal Practice

  • Business Management 2

  • Marketing Management and Public Relations

  • Financial Statements

  • Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

Business Management Financial Accounting 

  • Business Management 3

  • Financial Management and Control

  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Framework 

  • Research Theory and Practice

Business Management Qualifications

There are three ICB qualifications you can achieve in the business management courses:

  • National Certificate
  • Higher Certificate
  • Diploma

Can I Study Business Management Courses Part-time?

Yes, you can study business management part-time. You will be able to focus on your studies and take care of all your responsibilities. The benefits of studying business management courses online and part-time are listed below:

  • There are no classes, so you do not need to attend college after work.
  • You can study when and where you want.
  • Great way to save on travel costs.

How Long Does It Take To Study a Certificate In Business Management?

You can study for up to three years after completing all ICB business management courses. Each course has its own duration:

  • Small Business Financial Management Course– 12 months
  • Office Admin Business Management Course – 27 months 
  • Business Management Financial Accounting Course – 36 months

Where Can I Study Business Management Short Courses?

You can study business management short courses with us: 

These short courses are skills-based courses. This means that they are not accredited. Business short courses are a great way to learn practical workplace skills to boost your career.

How Long Is Business Management Course At Unisa?

This all depends on the business course you would like to pursue. The higher the level of your qualification, the longer the length of your studies will be. 

Are There Free Business Management Courses?

Yes, there are free business management courses online. But you need to research before you enrol. This allows you to ensure that:

  • The course provider is accredited.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • You are able to receive a certificate at the end of the course. 
  • That the college provides resources and study material.

Please note: We do not offer any free courses at our college. 

What Are the Business Management Courses Prices?

Each ICB training provider determines their own course prices. This includes tuition and registration fees. So if you want to know how much your studies will cost, you need to contact a training provider or college. 

Did you know: You can get in touch with our course experts to give you all the information you need? They will help you choose a course that fits your career and budget.

Can I Do Business Management Without Maths?

Yes, you can study business management without math. There are no prior skills or specific subject requirements you need to enrol with us. We will teach you all the knowledge and skills you need to further your education.

How Many Modules Are There In Business Management?

There are 13 modules overall in the ICB business management stream. However, you can receive your first qualification after completing the first four modules. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, business management is a good course to study. Here you will be able to learn versatile skills you can apply to various careers. You will be able to get a job that will allow you to earn a handsome salary.

Yes, it can be if you have the right qualifications and experience. When you have advanced qualifications and years of experience, you qualify for senior management and executive positions. These are some of the high-paying jobs in almost every industry.

This depends on the hard work and dedication you put into your studies. Each business management course has its own level of difficulty. But if you study smart and complete all your assignments, you can pass your course easily.

Yes, some subjects require you to do math. ICB courses will teach you both business and finance skills. This includes bookkeeping and financial statements. You will need to do calculations and record data for your studies.

Business courses are great for every management position. It will teach you how to manage a business, its finances and its employees. Business management courses will help support careers such as:

Keep in mind: Along with your business management qualification, you need to study a course specific to your job. This will teach you relevant skills related to your career.

Last Updated: 15 February 2023



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