Workplace Skills

What is a Workplace Skill? It’s skills that get used in the day to day operations of a business and/or make a business run more efficiently.

Having skilled workers and improving you skills is beneficial to you and the company or future employment. The is no better time than now to learn a new skills and get the headstart or improve your CV. You have nothing to lose but opportunities ahead with the right skill set.

What is Workplace Skills?

To maintain a healthy and smooth working environment it will be beneficial to both the employer and employees to have certain Work Skills. These skills involve basic knowledge of day to day operations. Everything from first aid, being able to handle conflict, to manage stress and obtaining better leadership skills. The list goes on and there are many more skills that can be acquired that will make the working environment more efficient. These business skills are informative and are self-enrichment.

Improve your work skills with one of Skills Academy's courses

Benefits of Work Skills

Having a great team to work with the necessary skills will make the work more efficient and enjoyable. There is no negative to having skilled workers. Not to you who is taking the course or the company that employs you. But, there are so many more benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

  • It improves employees’ work performance.
  • It opens the door to possible career advancement.
  • It promotes teamwork.
  • Efficient time management.
  • Increase employ-ability.

What Workplace Skills Courses are Available?

Skills Academy has a range of courses available that no matter your current skills we have a workplace skills course to build on your existing skills. Here are all the workplace skills courses on offer:

  • Becoming a Successful Supervisor – (1 Module)
  • Budgeting – (1 Module)
  • Business Etiquette – (1 Module)
  • Change Management – (1 Module)
  • Coaching an Counseling for Managers – (1 Module)
  • Conducting Meetings – (1 Module)
  • Conflict Management – (1 Module)
  • Copy Editing – (1 Module)
  • Delegating for Results – (1 Module)
  • Diversity – (1 Module)
  • Effective Performance Appraisals – (1 Module)
  • Effective Presentations – (1 Module)
  • Email Etiquette – (1 Module)
  • First Aid Level 1 – (1 Module)
  • Frontline Leadership – (1 Module)
  • Interviewing Skills – (1 Module)
  • Introduction to Economics – (1 Module)
  • Managerial Leadership – (1 Module)
  • Managing Performance – (1 Module)
  • Organisational Skills – (1 Module)
  • Pastel – (1 Module)
  • Payroll and Monthly SARS – (1 Module)
  • Recruiting Employees – (1 Module)
  • Report Writing – (1 Module)
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – (1 Module)
  • Stress Management – (1 Module)
  • Training Managers – (1 Module)
  • Time Management – (1 Module)

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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