Business Manager

Do you have a very strong business ethic and are you driven by success? If so, then you may want to consider an exciting career as a Business Manager.

Job Responsibilities

Identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Business Manager is responsible for the appointment of new staff in accordance with the companies needs.

The Business Manager must ensure regular employee evaluations take place.

Making sure the company has all the resources it requires like personnel, material, and equipment.

Doing budget analyses and plan the companies budget.

What to Study

Business Management Office Admin Higher Certificate

If you want to learn how to manage a business, then studying our accredited ICB Higher Certificate Business Management Office Administration is your best bet.
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Business Management Financial Accounting Diploma

Pave the way for a successful career as a business professional with our ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting in Business Management. Learn the tricks of the trade with us.
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Small Business Financial Management Certificate

Managing a business is no easy feat. But our accredited ICB Small Business Financial Management Course will equip you with the skills you need to start your own business.
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What Does a Business Manager do?

In short, a business manager oversees talent and runs an organisation. They are in charge of setting planning, organising and monitoring every aspect of the business. Business Managers are aware of each department’s strengths and weaknesses, and come up with solutions to bring out the best in each. The main duty of a Business Manager have to implement strategies to improve productivity and supervise employees.


How do you Become a Business Manager?

Not everyone follows the same path in life to accomplish their dreams. But if you want to become a Business Manager, you could use the following as a guide to land your dream job.

Get Qualified 

Want to let recruiters know that you are serious about becoming a Business Manager? Any Business Management or related course would do the trick. By having this it shows that you are dedicated and determined to achieve your goals. Getting a qualification will also help you gain the needed skills to perform your daily duties and give you a better understanding of the job. You can enrol in one of our Business Management Courses to give yourself a competitive edge.

Gain Experience

To become a Business Manager you will need managerial experience. Any experience where you were responsible for a project or managing a team would do. You can apply for lower level jobs to gain experience or you could ask for more responsibilities at your current job. This will give you enough practice for when you become a Business Manager.

Check the Classifieds

Want to know if you are what recruiters are looking for? Or do you want to know what they are currently looking for? Check online job sites or newspaper classifieds to get an idea of their ideal candidate. Compare their requirements with the skills you currently have. Don’t meet them? Not to worry. You can pick up these skills through a course.

What are the Benefits of Being a Business Manager?

Being a Business Manager is highly rewarding. You will witness how your business is growing and the efforts others put in to driving it to success. Here are some of the other benefits you will enjoy. As a Business Manager you will:

  • Help create job opportunities
  • Build strong relationships with people
  • A chance to take on more responsibilities
  • Gain an opportunity to earn a respectable income
  • Become more competitive and stay ahead of the competition

What Skills do I Need to Become a Business Manager?

If you want to become a Business Manager you will need the following skills. If you don’t have them yet, you can use the list as a guide to help you develop them. You can try to incorporate these soft skills into your everyday life to improve your craft.


A good Business Manager knows how to negotiate. This includes negotiating contracts and prices. Your negotiation skills will have an impact on your relationships with your staff, clients, investors or potential investors and suppliers.


The success of your business relies on you. It’s important that you keep your staff, employees or colleagues motivated. You can do this by setting realistic goals for each department. This will help keep everyone focused. Motivating your team will help increase productivity and the company’s long-term success.


Your employees or colleagues will look to you when they’re facing difficulties. Therefore, it’s important that you have decision-making skills. Consider every possible outcome before making up your mind. Over time, you will have enough experience to make decisions more quickly.


This career path is for those who love people and communication. A large part of your duties will include communication. Make sure you get your message across by using facial expressions and body language.


What makes a great leader? A great leader has a combination all these mentioned soft skills. They are approachable and know the strengths of their team. A leader serves as a mentor to help their team, rather than belittling them for the things they can’t do.

What is the Average Salary of a Business Manager?

Your salary as a Business Manager will depend on the industry you work in as well as the company you work for. Some may pay higher or lower than others. Experience and seniority will highly count in your favour. According to Indeed, the average Business Manager earns about R48 300 per month.

Command Respect When you Enter the Boardroom

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Author: Cherri-lee Rhode

Last Updated: August 18, 2020