Project Manager

Having a project manager will be beneficial to any company in ensuring that all projects are completed efficiently. Think you have what it takes to be a Project Manager?

Job Responsibilities

Project planning from the start until delivery of product/service.

Facilitate the budget for the project. To ensure all goals are met within budget.

Manage the different teams involved in the project. This differs depending on the project

Set deadlines for each milestone in the project.

Making sure that all resources are used efficiently and according with in the budget.

Dealing with the unforeseen problems that arise during the project. Example: like environmental factors.

What to Study

Project Management Comprehensive Course

The Comprehensive Certificate in Project Management is our most in-depth Project Management course. This course gives you basic, intermediate and advanced skills.
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Project Management Certificate Course

This certificate in Project Management is a more in-depth course than the short course. This certificate teaches you the basics and more advance skills and knowledge.
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Gain skills with our Office Management Courses

Short Course Certificate in Project Management

The Skills Academy Short Course Certificate in Project Management will give you all the basic skills and knowledge you need to become an effective Project Manager.
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What is a Project Manager? 

When there is a need for a development or growth in a company, projects or programmes are put into place that will ensure that growth. Project managers will oversee these projects from start to completion to make it a success.

They will manage all aspects of the project, including ensuring that deadlines are met and making sure that the project management team has reached their goals.

How to Become a Project Manager?

Skills Academy offers excellent Project Management courses that are sure to help you achieve your career in this field. You will be able to get your certificate through learning valuable skills that will ensure that you turn any field into a success. From basic to advanced skills, we offer courses that will allow you to grow and become a valuable asset in any company.

Learn all the skills needed to be a successful Project Manager with our popular Project Management Courses.


Benefits in This Career 

Being in this field is not easy, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Below you can find some of the many advantages waiting for you.

Learn More Skills

Project managers have so many responsibilities, it’s only a matter of time before all those skills learnt will become a part of your professional career. You will be able to apply what you have learnt to future projects. You can also teach your management team these skills that will also allow them to grow.

Get Recognition

When you are able to complete projects successfully, you become recognised. Not only in your own company, but among clients as well. This means that you will receive more projects and work, which will allow you to make a greater profit and help your business grow.

More Job Opportunities

When you are widely known as a successful project manager, this allows more opportunities for you. Companies will be lining up to ask you to work for them, wanting to make use of all your knowledge and skills.

Characteristics of a Project Manager

There are many valuable traits you need to have to be a successful project manager.

Guiding your team

You need to be able to lead your team every step of the way throughout the project. Guiding them will ensure everyone knows what to do.


When thinking of how to plan a project, you need to be able to be creative and innovative to make the project a success. Your creativity isn’t limited to your planning. You should also be creative in finding solutions to your problems.

Decision-making skills

A lot of the duties in a project consists of planning. Once you have done this, important decisions would have to be made. Although you do listen to the comments made by your project management team, the project manager would have the last say.

Good Communication Skills

There are many different duties within a single project. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your team to know where they are at in the project. When assigning tasks to your team, be clear when communicating to them.

Turn your projects into a success by leading your team as a skilled Project Manager.

Popular Project Manager Positions

The is a need for project managers. Yet they are particularly popular in the following fields:

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Marketing

How Much do Project Managers Earn?

Salaries for project managers differ greatly for various reasons .These include industry and location. Yet a lot of the salaries are based on individuals who have years of experience in the industry they work in or as a project manager. Below are average monthly salaries for some project manager positions in South Africa.

  • Project manager R29 000
  • Associate Project Manager R13 000
  • Junior Project Manager R20 000

What is a Project Management Team?

Project managers can’t do everything on their own. They need the help of their team to complete the project. The project management team will consist of employees within the company. The project manager appoints them based on skills and knowledge of the project. Their job title at work will also determine why they were selected.

This doesn’t exclude other employees of the company. Everyone will be able to give their ideas and input on the project. The team is specifically created so that there is someone appointed for each task.

Think you can be a successful project manager?

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Author: Charnell Ward

Last updated: May 07, 2020