Benefits of Studying Part-Time

The benefits of studying part-time is the very reason why part-time studies have become a popular choice among students.

Long gone are the days where students have to spend hours in a classroom staring at a white board. Part-Time studies has become more popular over recent years.  Part-time studies gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Earn money while you study
  • Gain work experience 
  • Boost your credibility in the workplace 
  • Gain confidence in your field of study

Many students simply have no other option but to study part-time and others see the true benefits of studying part time.

How Does Part-Time Study Work?

Before making any big decisions, you need to understand what all your options are. There are different types of part-time studies available to you. Choosing which method works best for you will depend on what your specific needs are as a student. Maybe you need some face-to-face interaction or maybe you are able to thrive academically completely on your own? Thankfully, there are part-time options that speak to all types of learning. 

Modular Learning 

This form of part-time learning allows students to attend class in modules. The college offering these types of classes will expect you to put time aside to attend class in scheduled block weeks. These classes typically last for one or two weeks, depending on the course. 

This type of studying may take longer to complete and you will have to manage your time really well to attend classes. 

Blended Learning 

Blended learning is a combination of distance learning and classroom learning. You will have some sort of fixed schedule where you must attend part of your classes on campus, but most of your learning will take place online. 

Distance Learning

Distance learning, like blended learning, is also done online. However with Distance Learning there is no need to attend classes or to be location bound. You can study from anywhere in the world and still get your qualifications. Your course material is sent to you and you submit assignments online. The great thing about this method of learning is that you can prioritize your studies on your time, unlike with modular learning and blended learning where you will still have to adhere to some sort of structure. With Distance Learning you get to work as fast or as slow as you need to. 

We at Skills Academy  give students all across South Africa the opportunity to upgrade their skills with recognised qualifications. We offer a variety of courses – you will definitely find something you are passionate about here.

Two woman using a laptop researching the benefits of part-time studies.  

Benefits of Being a Part-Time Student

You may be asking yourself why so many students opt to study part-time instead of going the traditional route. The truth is that while attending classes and being on campus everyday may seem exciting to some, it simply is not a reality for others, but in no way is choosing part-time studies a lesser choice. In fact, the benefits of studying part-time  might just outweigh the cons on this one. 

Putting Things Into Practice 

The great thing about part-time studies is that you will be able to work while you study. Not only that, but you will be able to apply the things you are learning to everyday situations. There is no better way of learning than real life situations. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.


Does money really make the world go round? When it comes to studying further it certainly plays a big role. Students often opt for part-time studies so they can earn money while studying. Oftentimes part-times studies are more affordable than traditional learning

More Motivation

Students who choose part-time studies have no other choice but to be focused. Their studies and success is completely up to how motivated and organized they are. If you are the type of student who needs an extra push then this method of learning may just be what gets you there. 


Think you will be doing this all alone? Think again. Yes, part-time studies are very much about how hardworking  you are, but there is still some sense of community. Many colleges offer academic support to learners. Skills Academy has an online platform with Together We Pass where students are able to engage with lecturers and students alike. 

Leisure Time

Blending part-time study and employment along with leisure time can be a pretty good mix. There is less coursework to deal with and it is unlikely that your routine will be as concentrated as someone who is full-time at university, allowing more time to do what you enjoy.

Variety of Courses

Distance learning colleges usually have more of a variety of courses to choose from than a traditional college course. With your part-time studies you can choose a course that you are really interested in.

Enhance Your Work Skills 

Everyone can use some help with their work skills. The truth is a lot of students leave college feeling unprepared for the workplace. With part-time studies you will be gaining valuable experience in the workforce, making you more prepared than the average student.

Stand out From the Crowd

The working world is really competitive. You will need to find ways to grab your employer’s attention. Showing that you worked while studying is a great way to do this. Working while studying shows you are disciplined, can manage your time well and handle stress. This is exactly what every employer is looking for!

Part-Time Courses Online

As mentioned, there are a variety of courses you can do as a part-time student is one benefit of studying part-time. These are just some of your options, but there are so many more!

All these part-time courses are available to you at us, and we have many more! The cool thing about some of our courses is that they have no specific entry requirements – this means anyone can enrol. Do not let anything hold you back from furthering your studies. 

Earn While you Learn. Reap the Rewards of Being a Part-Time Student. 

We understand the needs of part-time students and have perfected the distance learning experience. With us you can have it all – work, play and studies! Contact us today. 

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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