How Do You Prepare For The ICB Exams?

Prepare For The ICB Exams

Skills Academy – Prepare For The ICB Exams

You can prepare for the ICB exams by using your ICB assignments, ICB tests and your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).

Old Exam Papers

The ICB exam papers are not available for study. It is to protect the credibility of the papers. If the course outcomes change, past exam papers will become outdated.

There are other ways to help you prepare for the ICB exams. Other study material includes ICB assignments, ICB tests, and the ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). They contain questions to help you get ready for the final exams. Great! That means that you can still prepare for exams without having old ICB exam papers.

ICB Assignments

You have to complete three ICB assignments. They form part of the formative mark in your PoE. Not only do they help you prepare for the ICB exams and tests, but they might be more useful than past exam papers.

The best part of it all is that you can do the ICB assignments whenever you want to. The assignments need to be done in the Assignment Answer book. This must be added to your PoE before your final exams.

Prepare For The ICB Exams

ICB Tests

You need to do two tests according to the ICB assessment policy. These tests count towards your final mark.

Once you have received your PoE, you will receive ICB Test Question Papers and Answer Books. These papers are like old ICB exam papers, but they are not. You will gain an understanding of what you can expect in your final exam question papers. Your tests will be marked with the final exam by ICB assessors. You have to hand in your ICB Test Answer Books for your final exam.

ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)

Your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is a workbook with all of your documents as proof of the work you’ve done.

Your PoE workbook will be sent to you before the exams. It’s a good idea to get your PoE as soon as possible. It gives you more time to work on it before you have to hand it in at the exam. Both the PoE and your final exam results make up your final mark for the subject.

What Goes Into The Portfolio of Evidence?

Your formative assessments (assignments, assessments and tests) and your final exam paper will go into the Portfolio of Evidence. All of these documents help you prepare for the ICB exams.

When Do You Hand It In?

You need to hand in your PoE with your final exams. After you have written the exam, put it in your PoE. It will be marked by assessors.

Note: Always make a copy of your PoE before you hand it in. It will serve as a backup plan.

Incomplete PoE

If you did not hand in all of your assignments or your exam, your PoE will be incomplete. This means that you will fail the subject. Make sure you make it as complete as possible. Read more about the ICB Portfolio of Evidence here.

ICB Study Materials

ICB does not make use of past exam papers. You can get study material to prepare you for the ICB exams. You get two options of study material to choose from which includes: Standard and PRO.

Prepare For The ICB Exams With The Standard Material Pack

The Standard Study Material pack has been developed by Skills Academy around the textbook from the official ICB publishers.

This study pack includes:

  • ICB Textbooks
  • Skills Academy Study and Workbook Guide
  • Skills Academy Solution Guide
  • Assessment Guide
  • Exam Trial Paper

PRO Material

If you need more help with your studies, try the PRO study material pack. It has more study materials to assist you. All the study materials and videos in the PRO option are directly from the Official ICB publishers.

The PRO study materials include:

  • ICB Textbooks
  • ICB Study Guide
  • Skills Academy Assessment Guide
  • USB with *videos to boost studying
  • Two trial exam papers on the USB

*The videos on the USB is another way to help you with your studies. Before you write your exam, use the videos to test your knowledge. The video assumes that you have already studied the material.

Prepare for the ICB Exams

Exam Timetable

The ICB exam timetable 2018 is now available. Find out when your exams are and plan ahead. You can download ICB exam timetable in PDF format now. Visit the ICB website to find the exam venues.

When Do You Get Your Results After You Have Written Your ICB Exam?

ICB exam results will be available 7 weeks after the final exam date. If you handed in your PoE with your final exam, your results will be available on the release date. If it takes longer, please contact your training provider (Skills Academy).

Distance learning students can get their results on the ICB Student Portal. Students can do the following:

Exam Pass Mark

70% of your exam will count towards your end of year mark. Your PoE will make up the 30%.

  • Minimum % to pass the final exam: 50%
  • Minimum % to pass overall: 60%

The documents in you PoE is your proof that you understand the work you have done.

With all things considered, you have to register before the assessment closing date. Before you can be assessed, you have to pay your yearly ICB student registration and assessment fees up to date.

Who Marks The Exams?

All subjects have to be marked by qualified FASSET-registered assessors. They make sure that the high standards are kept.

*FASSET – Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta).


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Written by: Olivia Pika

Last updated: 20 July 2018

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