What Subjects are Needed to Study Business Management

Are you interested in enrolling into our Business Management Courses, but unsure what subjects you will have needed to complete to be accepted? Here is a breakdown of all you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is Business Management?

Do you see yourself as a natural born leader? Then a career in business management could be perfect for you. Find out what subjects are needed to study business management, right here.  Business managers help small companies to manage their staff to keep them in line with the company’s goals. In small companies, the business manager and the owner are the same person.  In big companies, business managers talk directly to the executives. Other things a Business Manager have to do include:

  • develop goals to make the company prosper.
  • develop plans that help the company and staff reach their goals
  • make sure that the company has the resources it needs to achieve their goals.

For more on what business management is all about have a look here

What Courses are Available?

There are many business management courses that will fit your individuals needs and goals. You can choose from NATED Business Management Courses, to ICB Business Management or try a Provider Programme. Which course you decided to enrol into must make sense for the career path you have in mind and will definitely influence the direction you go into. Each of these types of courses have different entry requirements and will expect of you to have completed certain subjects depending on this criteria. 

ICB Business Management 

The ICB Business Management Programme teaches you the skills you will need in order to run a company successfully. You will learn about business and financial management best practices, office and legal practices, human resource management, computer literacy and much more. ICB offers three business management courses. This includes a National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management, Higher Certificate in Office Administration and a National Diploma in Financial Accounting.  These courses build on each other, meaning you will start with an NQF level 4 qualification and work your way up to an NQF level 6 qualification.   To register for the foundation level course you must have a Grade 11 Certificate and be at least sixteen years or older. 

NATED Business Management Courses 

The foundation of this course lies in Entrepreneurship. The candidate that would make a success of this course and a career in Business Management is the person that is motivated to start their own business. The National N-Diploma: Business Management includes the N4 – N6 Certificates that enable students to use the business skills and knowledge learned to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship, run their own businesses, or work in a retail, wholesale or generic management environment. 

If you wish to enrol into this course you must have a grade 12 or equivalent certificate. Don’t have your matric? Not to worry! We offer an adult matric course which you can enrol into regardless of your age. Don’t let that matric certificate hold you back. Get your matric with us and then enrol into the NATED Business Management Courses to pursue your dreams.

Provider Programs

Provider Programs are courses that are developed by the college or institution themselves. This means all the coursework and textbooks are developed and produced by them. Skills Academy offers Business Management as a provider program as well. Provider programs are usually career and skilled-focused courses and prepare you for the work environment. For more on what provider programs are and what you can expect have a read here.

Skills Academy is a recognized distance learning institution and while provider program courses are not accredited they will still increase your chances of getting hired and earning more. 

What are the entry requirements into these courses and what subjects do you need to enrol? None. It’s that straightforward. Too good to be true? We want to open the doors of learning to all and believe everyone should have the opportunity to better their qualifications. This is why there are no specific entry requirements to these courses and anyone can apply – regardless of age or current qualification. These courses are offered in English and you must make sure you can read, write and understand English before enrolling. 

Now that you know what your options are you can make an informed decision on which route you would like to take. Remember if you do not qualify for certain entry requirements you can always apply for our adult matric or matric upgrade options. 

Find out what subjects are needed to study business management

Where Can I Study? 

Choosing where to study is just as hard as deciding what to study. If you are really having trouble with this decision have a look at this article for a little more guidance. There are many study options available to you. You can try the traditional route of studying which is to either attend a university or college. Or you could give distance learning a go. Skills Academy is a great distance learning college that offers NATED, ICB and Provider Program Courses for Business Management. We have looked at all the pros and cons of distance learning and developed strategies to make sure your distance learning experience will be without any hassle. 

Why should you study with us? The list of reasons is almost too long to mention, but here are a few that might sway you:


  • Online Support: Distance learning is in no means a lonely journey with us. We have an online platform with Together We Pass where you will be able to interact with your lecturers and fellow students.


  • Cut the Costs: All your study material will be couriered to you with no extra charge. You will also be spending less money as our classes are not location bound. Save money on travelling fees, textbooks and more with us. 
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are unhappy with our services within the first month of your registration your money will be returned to you – no questions asked. 
  • You Only Pay for the Time you Studied: If the duration of the course you are doing is 6 months and you manage to complete your work within 4 months you only pay for the 4 months you studied. Another great financial perk of studying with us!
  • Assignments: Assignments can be nerve-wrecking for anyone. With us it doesn’t need to be! We give you enough time to complete and plan for your assignments and all you need is a minimum of 50% to pass. If you don’t make the pass rate however you can resubmit your assignment until you do pass – at no extra cost!

Skills Academy prioritizes the success of our students. Make all your business management dreams come true with us!

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Author: Andrea Petersen
Last Updated: May 22, 2020

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