What Career is Right For Me?

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in your life. Constantly wondering ‘What Career is Right for Me?’ There are a few ways you can find out.

There will be multiple points in your life when you ask yourself this question – what career is right for me? You may first encounter this question in school, you will ask it a little more in college, and you might even ask yourself this after you’ve pursued a career. It’s never too late or too early to discover what career path is right for you.

Do a Self Assessment

If you’re constantly asking ‘what career is right for me?’, then there are some things you can do to help you find your answer. Getting to know yourself will take you one step closer to finding your dream job. There are many ways you can discover yourself and find out what career path matches your personality. 

What am I Good at?

Everyone has something they’re good at. Some have natural born talents, while others need more time and practice to develop your skills. By now, you will probably know what you’re good at. If not, don’t worry – you still have time to figure it out. The best thing you can do to discover what you’re good at is to pick up a hobby. A hobby will teach you a lot about yourself. You may discover that you’re a quick learner or discover that you’re passionate and determined. 

Is This Something I Enjoy?

You don’t want to regret choosing a career or investing time and money on a qualification, only to find out that this isn’t what you want to do. Ask yourself if this is really something you want to do. There are also multiple other questions you should ask yourself. You need to be honest with yourself about the reasons you want to step into this career. There are also things you need to figure out, like the type of work environment you will enjoy or work conditions. 

What Does the Job Market Look Like?

There are a lot of things you need to consider with regards to the job market. Check if there are jobs available for the career you’re interested in. You can also check the job availability in your area. Are you willing to relocate and can you budget for it? One of the most important things to consider, how competitive or tight is the industry. A stiff job market means you need to gain scarce skills that will make you stand out. Lastly, is there room to grow in this industry?

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Do Your Research

Don’t just jump into the industry or a career if you haven’t researched it yet. This is an investment and you’re investing in yourself. 

Speak to Industry Professionals – Engage with people who are already in the industry. Ask them how they got into the job, their educational background, and what a typical day in their life is like. You will learn a lot. 

Check out Job Portals – Job portals could help you a lot. It gives you access to information like the type of qualifications you may need for specific jobs, and it could also help expose you to alternative paths. 

Read, Read, Read – Information is readily available to you online. Explore news sites, blogs, forums, and more. It is important to read and study the industry to give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

Job Shadow – Get first hand experience and ask to job shadow. Job shadowing allows you to observe an employee. This way you can try it out to actually see if you enjoy the work environment, the workload and the actual job. 

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How to Find the Right Job for you

Unfortunately, you will never know if a job is truly for you until you’ve tried it. But there are multiple ways you can go about finding a job that fits your personality and skills. 

Determine Your Skills

Everyone has skills. That includes technical and soft skills. You can need to determine what yours are. If you’re a people’s person, it will only make sense for you to get a career in the sales and service industry. That way, you will enjoy what you love. 

Match The Job Requirements

Determine what the job requirements are. You can do this by checking job listings. If you don’t meet the requirements you can always work on improving yourself until you do. If a company asks for experience, apply for an internship. You can meet the academic requirements by enrolling for a course. 

Leave Room for Options

If you’re deciding on furthering your education, make sure you pick a course or qualification that prepares you for multiple options. Especially if you have doubts about your career. So choose a course that will make you eligible for multiple jobs. 

In need of inspiration? Why not check out our Careers page to help you make that decision. You may even discover a job you never even knew about. 

Let Us Help You Discover the Perfect Career for You

Does the question ‘what career is right for me?’ still linger on your mind. We have friendly course experts that could help you enrol for the perfect course. Our course experts have been in the industry for years and could help you make your decision. Speak to one today

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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Cherri-Lee Rhode
Cherri-Lee Rhode
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