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Guest House Management

What is hospitality and tourism?


The hospitality industry is very competitive. The success of a business in this industry depends on the level of service provided to guests and clients. The aim of hospitality is to ensure that guests feel welcome, and that they receive the highest quality service.

Tourism involves a variety of activities and services aimed at people who are travelling away from home, either for business or leisure. Such activities and services may include transportation, dining, shopping and entertainment.

Careers in hospitality management and travel and tourism are great options, especially if you love working with people. Both of these career paths give you the opportunity to do what you love while being paid for it.


Shiela works at a hotel because she studied one of our Hospitality and Tourism Courses.



Why should I study hospitality and tourism?

If you love working with people, or you enjoy travelling, then hospitality and tourism might be the perfect career for you.

Even if you already have some experience in the industry, you can improve your CV by studying further. Many employers will only employ you in a senior or managerial position if you have the relevant training and/or qualifications.

Hospitality and tourism studies will equip you with the necessary skills to perform a variety of roles in the hospitality industry. You could, for example, become a hotel manager, or run large operations such as cruise lines.


Hospitality and tourism Courses at Skills Academy

Skills Academy offers hospitality and tourism studies via distance learning, which means that you have the opportunity to study from home, without having to attend any classes or lectures. With distance learning, you are able to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or office.

When you study with Skills Academy, all your course material will be sent to you via the post. A knowledgeable and experienced tutor will be assigned to you, so that whenever you need assistance, you can communicate with the same person. You will be assessed through a series of assignments that will be marked and sent back to you with meaningful feedback.




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