Tourism Management: Certificate Course

Our Tourism Management: Course Certificate will teach you how to be a skilled employee in the tourism industry. Enrol with us today and kick-start your career.

Course Summary

Award type:
Proficiency Certificate
Accredited by:
Not Applicable
8 Months
Entrance Requirement:


This subject will teach you how to communicate by using business language. You will learn speaking, writing, and reading skills. Along with great business communication skills, you will get an understanding of business meetings and presentations.

With this subject you will cover several factors of tourism management. These will include managing visitor attractions, transport and accommodations. You will also get a brief introduction on tourism and a look into the history of tourism.

With this first-aid subject you will learn about medical, injury and environmental emergencies. This subject will give you the skills you need to handle these situations within the business environment. You will also learn about the basics you need to know about CPR. 

Clearing the barriers: This section of the subject will cover customer relations skills, dealing with difficult people and it will teach you the secret to successful cooperation. 

Building the foundation: With this section of the subject will teach you problem solving, how to understand your customers and how to identify when the customer isn’t always right. 

Using the tools: This section will give you cooperation techniques and it will give you tools that will help to build motivation with customer feedback.