Tourism Manager

From solo travellers, honeymooners to families – each of these clients have different travel needs. They need a travel expert who understands their budget and expectations.

Job Responsibilities

As the manager you will have to supervise staff members. This means that you will ensure that each staff member does what is required of them at all time and that they maintain the standard set by you. 

Managing the budgets doesn’t mean that you will be the accountant of the agency. It means that you should know about the expenses and profits made by the agency. 

Presentations are often used in meeting and presenting new ideas. As a manager you will be in charge of welcoming new staff and coming up with new ideas for the company. Therefore making presentations are important. 

Although you will have tour guides to take care of tourist or visitors, it is important that as the manager you know all the important information about the visitors. Important information can be emergency contacts,  flight schedules and hotel addresses. 

What to Study

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What do Tourism Managers do?

If you are passionate about the tourism and hospitality industry, then you might want to consider this career path. As a Tourism Manager, you will be responsible for attracting customers to a business. You will be part of the planning and implementing process that goes in to advertising or marketing your business. Your daily responsibilities will also include supervising sales teams to bring out the best in them. Alternatively, they also book flights, accommodation and activities for their clients. 

How to Become a Tourism Manager

There is no specific path to follow when it comes to a career in the tourism industry. However, you can use the following as a guide to help you get your foot in the door. 

Get a Qualification

Make sure recruiters know that you are passionate about the tourism industry and serious about your career. How? Get a qualification to demonstrate this. Not only will a qualification look good on your CV, but it will teach you everything you need to know about the industry. The knowledge that you learn here will help you perform your daily duties. We offer Tourism Courses through distance learning. 

Gain Experience

This is a career in the customer service industry and it would be advantageous for you to know a thing or two about the industry. Your customer service skills will not go to waste. You will interact with clients every day and will have to sort out their complaints. You can start by working at a restaurant, call centre, or in retail. Next, you can look for an entry-level job in the tourism industry to gain experience. 

Do I Need a Qualification to Become a Tourism Manager?

Kickstart your career as a Tourism Manager with Skills AcademyThere’s no exact qualification needed to become a Tourism Manager. These requirements will vary from job to job. Some recruiters may ask for a degree, diploma, certificate, or even as little as matric. 

However, it’s best to have a qualification to show that you are serious about this career path. You may consider one of our Tourism Courses we offer through distance learning. Distance Learning gives you the opportunity to better your education while gaining practical experience in the workplace. 

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Tourism Manager?

Being a Tourism Manager is highly rewarding. Not even the hustle and bustle of high season matters when you get to enjoy these benefits. Here’s what you can enjoy as a Tourism Manager. 

Help Create Everlasting Memories

Whether they are travelling for business or leisure, you will be part of helping clients create timelss memories. Being a Tourism Manager is so much more than just helping book flights and accommodation. You will help your clients create experiences. 

Share Your Knowledge

You will gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences when in the travel industry. Why not share them? Recommend your favourite spots to your clients to make their travels a little more personable. 

An Opportunity to See the World

Whether your business is marketed to travelling locally or abroad, your suppliers will often invite you for sight inspections. Take full advantage of every marketing or business opportunity to travel for free. In return, you will have to recommend their products and services to your clients. 

What Skills do I Need to Become a Tourism Manager?

As a Tourism Manager you will have to book different travel packages for each client. To do this, you will need a combination of the following soft skills. 

A Passion for Tourism and Travel 

Tourism Managers who share a genuine passion for travel and tourism are destined for greatness. This means they will go above and beyond to give their clients excellent service. This also means that you will have a broad knowledge of things to do in tourist attractions. If you’re passionate about travel and tourism, then your job will become even more easier. 

Strong Communication Skills

You will sell experiences to people. Therefore, you need excellent communication skills. Learn how to communicate with them and keep their undivided attention. Brush up on your telephone and email etiquette, and practice your non-verbal communication skills. 

Negotiation Skills

As a Tourism Manager, you will have to use this skill every day. You will have to negotiate contracts of new hires, prices with clients and suppliers, and more. Your negotiation skills could make or break business relations. Practice it wisely. 

Cultural Awareness 

You will work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Each culture has its values, ethics and beliefs. It is important for you to act in a respectful manner. Always try to embrace learning more about other people’s culture.

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Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode
Last Updated: May 07, 2020