Our Partners

We at Skills Academy have our own trusted partners namely Bellview Institute, Matric College and Together We Pass. You can find out more about our trusted partners here:

Our Partners

Partnerships occur between two or more businesses when they reach an agreement to manage and share their profits together. At Skills Academy, we also have our partners, namely, Bellview Institute, Matric College And  Together We Pass. Let’s learn more about these partners below.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

Partners shaking handsBellview Institute of Distance Learning (previously known as Home Study Group Pty. Ltd.) is accredited by the QCTO to offer a range of NATED (N4 to N6) programmes. These programmes lead to National Certificates and National Diplomas (Diplomas require the completion of 18 months of practical work.) A full list of these NATED courses can be found here.

The Institute was founded (under its previous name) by Tabitha Bailey and Jan Badenhorst early in 2016. This is one of a number of educational institutions founded by them over the past decade. Other education businesses they founded and / or developed includes Together We Pass, College SA, Skills Academy, the Learning Group and Ember Academy.

Matric College

Exist through the partnership of businesses with all sharing a single core value. All of these colleges believe that education should be available to everyone regardless of there background and age.

Because of this belief, Matric College was created to help everyone get their matric  regardless.

We have came to realize that the traditional school system does not work for everyone. According to our calculations, less than 40% of the students who were in grade 10, two years ago, passed matric this year, Which is very low. 

A lot of people who do not complete their matric believe that there is no other way to get their certificate and that is incorrect, There is always a way to achieve your dreams!

If you are not satisfied with your marks, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Together We Pass

Together We Pass is an online service that offers educational services to online and distance learning students. It offers all and any study resources to students. You can think of it as a virtual classroom. This is because you will get to interact with other students, at the comfort of your own home.

It has over 200 study groups and has helped over 20 000 students since its establishment. Students of Skills Academy get Together We Pass services for free!

Wish to Study With Skills Academy? Contact Us Now!

If you are looking to get quality education and benefit from what our partners have to offer, contact us now! We have got everything you need and more! Contact us via:

Last Updated: April 21, 2021


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