Why Study During Level 3 Lockdown?

Lockdown might have started to take it toll but you can still use the time to improve your skills. Here is why study during level 3 lockdown.

What is Level 3 Lockdown?

As we wait for the Presidency to announce the rules of Lockdown Level 3, one thing is for sure that the threat has not passed. We must continue taking every precaution to remain safe and healthy. What we do know is that most businesses can start opening up and people can go back to work. With many businesses struggling to stay afloat during this state of emergency many people won’t be returning to work. Even those that do return to work might not be returning to the way things were before. So what can you do to improve your chances of having job security?

Study during Lockdown Level 3

Take this opportunity to study. You now have the chance to improve your skills or get an accredited qualification from the comfort of your home. Or while you work. How do you do that? Distance learning is the answer. With distance learning, you can study at your own pace and while you work.

Best Learning Option

Distance Learning offers you many great benefits besides the main one that you can study from anywhere. Another great benefit is that it’s more affordable than your conventional colleges. And there is no better time than now to take advantage of a benefit like that. Boost your worth in the workplace with an affordable accredited qualification. Here is what accredited courses Skills Academy offers:

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Why Study During Level 3 Lockdown?

The lockdown has taken a toll on our economy, jobs, education and daily lives. Many families are struggling during this time. For others, the lockdown means developing themselves and gaining skills. If you aren’t convinced yet to do the same here is why you should study during level 3 lockdown:

More job Security

Due to the pandemic, the whole world’s unemployment rate skyrocketed. Most people are looking for more job security. The easiest way to achieve this is to gain the skills employers are looking for. 

Gain Skills Employers are Looking for

Many employers are looking for key skills in the workplace. To ensure you have the key skills and knowledge, do a professional short course or an accredited course.

Better job Prospects

When you study you open the door to more job prospects. You can change careers or gain skills to apply for positions higher than your current position. 

Higher Salary

When you become more qualified you earn more money. Employers pay more for people with expertise than those without any qualifications.

Achieving your Dreams

If you always wanted to be a manager or work in marketing then now you can work towards that dream. You can take a course that will get you closer to your dream. Even if you decide you want to become a photographer and leave the business world behind.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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