Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays

If you’ve ever wondered Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays, we provide you with all the perks of giving it a go! Spread the holiday cheer straight to your bank account.

Ready to live your best life this holiday season, but not sure your bank account can handle all the heat? Give freelancing a go! You get to supplement your income and have flexible working hours. Here’s Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays. Let’s sleigh this summer!

Perks of Freelancing During the Holidays

Freelancing has become a popular method of work since it can be done remotely. Many people are realising the benefits to pursuing this as a full-time career, or doing it as a side hustle. If you’re looking to make some extra cash during the holidays, this might just be the way to go. 

Your Schedule is Your own – With freelancing you get to set your own hours. You’ll still be able to enjoy your time off and spend time with your friends and family while earning money. 

Work From Anywhere – Do you have plans on living it up on an island this holiday? Or are you going to make good use of your Netflix account? Thankfully, with freelancing you can work from anywhere. 

Exposure – If you’re a young professional, freelancing is a great way to get your name out there. If you impress the clients you work for, it could lead to a potential permanent position. 

Control of Workload- Since you’re in charge, you get to control how much work you take in. You won’t need to feel overwhelmed with work this holiday season. Simply take on as much as you can manage.  

Independence– If you hate the idea of a manager looming over your head, then freelancing is a great idea. You have ultimate freedom. Just make sure your clients are happy and satisfied with your work. 

A young woman working from her home office. If you've ever wondered Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays, find out here!

Is Freelancing a Real job?

It is absolutely a real job! Many people think freelancing is just something people do when they’re in between work, but it is a legitimate career choice. You can also continue working at your day job while freelancing. The flexibility allows you to really work towards financial freedom. 

What Skills are Best for Freelancing?

Gone are the days when freelancing is associated with the unemployed. More and more skilled workers are entering this field. This is why hiring managers are searching for individuals who have skills in the following areas:


Marketing is essential for growing a business. Businesses rely on digital and social media marketing to get the brand out there. If you’re considering this field, it might be a good idea to enrol into a marketing management course. 

Customer Service

Customer support jobs are perfect for remote work. All you need is a stable internet connection and telephone. There are many opportunities like these available for off-peak seasons and especially during the holidays! 

Writing & Editing

There’s a huge world of commercial writing that needs skilled writers during the festive season. Whether this writing is web content, journalism, advertising or copy writing, you will find something for you. 

Web Development

Web development is constantly changing. Companies need individuals who can keep up with the latest trends. Think you need some help in this department? Enrol for one of our computer courses to spruce up your skills. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Many businesses want to relieve themselves of their accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities during the holidays. So it’s definitely the right time to get into this! Get started with our accounting and bookkeeping courses.  

What are the Disadvantages of Freelancing?

Freelance work has a bunch of benefits, but there are some other factors that you should consider. Ask yourself if you are up for remote working during the festive season. 

Irregular Income- There is no guarantee that you will have tons of clients. So there is some risk attached to going into freelancing. 

No Work Benefits – You don’t get paid for your sick days and other benefits attached to traditional workplaces. 

Some Clients Might pay Late – You might have to deal with some tardy clients. This could put a strain on you and cause stress.   

The Success of the Business Rests on you – How good or bad your freelancing work does, is entirely dependent on how much effort you put in. Ready to take that chance? 

Now that you know Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays and you’ve seen some of the disadvantages, you’ll be able to make an informed choice that works for you

A young student doing photography to supplement her income. If you've ever wondered Why Freelancing is Great to Try During the Holidays, find out right here!

Other Ways to Supplement Your Income During the Holidays

Freelancing is not the only way you can supplement your income during the holidays. Here are a few other side hustles you should consider

If you’re wondering how else to spend your time during the holidays, why not upskill yourself with a short course? You’ll still be able to enjoy your time off while learning valuable skills. Upgrade your career with distance learning this festive season. 

Sleigh This Holiday Season – Get Your Hustle on!

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Last Updated: 7 June 2022