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Events Management is a broad term. It’s the organizing and planning of any type of public or private event. Skills Academy offers three types of Event Management Courses.

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Events Management: Short Course

An events manager needs a lot of different skills to be able to do their job effectively. This course is the first of our three Events Management courses.

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Events Management: Certificate Course

This is our second course in the field of Events Management. This will add on to the short course. This course adds on subjects like Customer Satisfaction.

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Events Management: Comprehensive Course

This course will give you a comprehensive set of skills that you will use in your job one day. You will learn everything from Events Management to First aid.

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What is Events Management?

Events Management, in simple terms, is the planning and managing of different events. Workers in this industry use their skills to plan events based on the instruction of their client. Once a plan has been drafted, the events managers will go ahead and create the event. 

The types of events that are created in the industry range from small events such as birthday parties to even national events like the state of the nation address. Events Management ensures that the process runs smoothly and all aspects of the event are taken care of from the beginning to the end. 

What do Events Managers do?

Once the client has proposed the event and there is some planning done, an events manager is usually recruited at this point. The planner of the event gives the events manager an outline of how they want the event to be like. They will then handle all the technical aspects of the event.   

They communicate with the people who will be needed to bring the event to life. This includes hiring staff, ordering equipment and any important things or people that are needed to make the event a success. After the event has started, the events manager will be there to oversee the event. They will be supervisors of the staff and will help with any issues that may arise.  

Where to Study Events Management Courses?

Two Events Managers looking at a PC screen together.Getting skilled is the best way to ensure that you can have a successful career in this fast-paced industry. Obtaining a qualification will boost your skills and prove to future clients that you are the best person to hire for the job.  

Ready to pursue your career as an events manager? Skills Academy offers three Events Management courses that you can study through distance learning. Getting started is pretty easy. Anyone can register for these courses if you can write and read in English. 

Skills Needed in Events Management 

As an events manager, it is very important to have the right skills as the success of the event depends on you. Managing events requires one to think on their feet, be good at convincing people to work with them as well as managing staff. 


There are many steps to planning an event. Managers have to ensure that they are on track with every step that needs to be handled to avoid failure of the event. Being organised can help you to manage the event from start to finish effortlessly.


Once the event has started, the events manager has the important role of ensuring that the staff execute their tasks effectively. Learning to direct, train and give instructions is an important skill to have. 


As an events manager, networking is very important. Good communication skills will help to negotiate with suppliers and even get discount rates from them. Having a team that can communicate well also helps ensure that everyone responsible understands what is expected of them. 

How Much do Events Managers Earn?

In the events management industry, you can expect your earning capacity to be based on how much experience you have. There is plenty of opportunity for growth and having more experience opens you up to earning more. Currently you can expect to earn R18 755 per month, according to Indeed.

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Last Updated: May 04, 2020

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