What is my APS?

Below you will find the information you need regarding your APS, and how it determines where you can study, as well as what you can study after completing your matric.

Do you find yourself asking “What is my APS?”. Well we are here to put your mind at ease. Read on below and find out everything you need to know about your APS, and how this score can determine your future.

Understanding Your APS


APS stands for Admission Point Score. You will find your APS on your matric certificate after completing grade 12. This score is calculated and determines how you will pass your matric. 

APS ranges from 7 to 1 on your matric results. A code 7 is the highest APS achieved, and 1 is the lowest. A 7 as your APS will be seen as an outstanding achievement, whereas if you receive a 1, it means that you failed the subject.

How to Calculate APS 


Your APS depends on the percentage you receive for a subject. For example, if you receive between 70% to 79% for a subject, your APS will be 6 on your matric certificate.

The table below displays the code you will receive depending on your percentage in a subject.




Matric Subject Symbol


Subject 1

80 – 100%



Subject 2

70 – 79%



Subject 3

60 – 69%



Subject 4

50 – 59%



Subject 5

40 – 49%



Subject 6

30 – 39%



Subject 7

0 – 29%




APS (Admission Point Score)

Is LO Included in the APS?

Even though you have 7 subjects, only 6 of these subjects will be calculated, as Life Orientation (L.O) is excluded from your APS. Your code for each of your 6 subjects will be added together, giving you your APS. No need to multiply, or divide. Getting your APS is as simple as that! 

Importance of a High APS


It’s extremely important to know what your score is. Through this, you can establish which subjects you are good in, which will determine the course you can enrol in. This decides which career you would like to pursue. Below you will find the importance of your APS.

Where you can Study

Want to enrol at one of the top universities in South Africa, but your APS is low? The chances of your application being successful is slim. You stand a better chance of being accepted at all the institutions you apply to with a higher APS.

What you can Study

Your APS decides which courses you can enrol in. Your dreams of becoming a top surgeon in the country could be crushed by a simple point system. Many people have to enrol into courses they aren’t interested in, as they didn’t meet the requirements for programmes they would like to study.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Have a high APS? Then you stand a better chance at getting a bursary or scholarship from a top university in the country. Higher institutions want the best students to enrol with them. So having a high APS gives you first privilege. 

Successful Job Application

Some job applications require you to apply with your CV, as well as with your matric certificate. They will use your APS to help them decide whether you are the right candidate for the job. Regardless of your qualifications, your matric results will still be taken into consideration, so make sure that you do well in your final year.

 No need to ask yourself

What is the Highest APS?


The highest APS score is 42. This is when you achieve a code 7 for all your subjects in your matric certificate. This might seem unachievable to some, yet with hard work, studying and self-motivation, you could reach that score.

APS Requirements for Higher Education


When matriculants receive their matric certificate, they would generally look at whether they passed, and their pass mark. Yet this isn’t the only thing that matters. Your APS is important as well. This determines whether or not you will be eligible to enrol in certain courses and universities. 

Below you will find out how many points are needed for each pass.


  • Bachelors Pass: 21 points
  • Diploma Pass: 18 points
  • Certificate Pass: 15 points

Are all APS Requirements the Same?


No. Not all APS requirements are the same. Some higher institutions require a higher APS than others. This is determined by the courses offered and the university you would like to apply to. By using your APS, it makes it easier for the higher institution to decide whether or not you can enrol for their courses.

APS Requirements for Distance Learning


Think you will need a high APS to be able to register for our courses? Think again! There are no strict entry requirements if you wanna study further through distance learning.

All you need to enrol are: 

  • Be 16 and older
  • Ability to read, write and understand English

Some of the Courses you can study with us include:

For our Nated Courses, you will need to have your matric qualification to enrol. Yet you don’t need a high APS to register for those courses. 

Some of the Nated courses you can study with us include:

Don’t let Your APS Stand Between you and Your Career!


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Last Updated: 2 November 2020