How to Study During Lockdown

Would you like to further your studies? Don’t let lockdown stop you. We would like to explain How to Study During Lockdown. Find out all you need to know about courses available during lockdown.

Can I Still Study Even in Lockdown? 

Yes, you can. Although lockdown has caused the closing of universities, colleges and schools, you can still study. Institutions have adapted their teaching methods. Below are ways explaining how to study during lockdown

Virtual Classes

Most learning institutions have made classes virtually available for learners. This means that instead of having face-to-face classes, you will have virtual classes. So you will have access to your clases via your computer. 

Distance Learning  

Distance learning has been around long before lockdown. It is actually one of the only study methods that doesn’t have to be shut down. This is because with distance learning you don’t have any face-to-face classes. All your learning and studying is done from the comfort of your home. So if you were enrolled in a distance learning institution before lockdown, its educational limitations shouldn’t affect you. However if you aren’t, you can enrol at any time. 

Why Should I Study During Lockdown? 

It is understandable that you might not want to study during the lockdown. However, why would you let a year go to waste? Educating yourself can be the best thing to do during lockdown. 

Many companies will need to restart and rebuild themselves. So this means they will need new staff members as well. By studying , you’ll gain a new skill and increase your knowledge. Making you more employable once lockdown is over. This opportunity can only benefit you. 

Reasons why you Should Study During Lockdown:

  • Become more employable 
  • Learn a new skill
  • Keep yourself busy 
  • Exercise your mind 

Benefits of Distance Learning During Lockdown 

Distance learning has many benefits. During the period of lockdown, these benefits have been proven to be true. Unlike other institutions, distance learning studies have not stopped. Therefore students have continued their studies. 

Emailed Study Materials

Here at Skills Academy we deliver all your study materials. So during this time you won’t have to be about finding your textbooks or study materials. You can rest assured that they will be delivered at your convenience. 

No Classes 

With no classes to attend, you won’t miss out on anything. As a distance learning student your studies will continue as normal. You won’t have to worry about not getting in contact with your lectures or having access to your study groups. 


Submitting assignments is a major concern for many students. Luckily as a Skills Academy student you won’t have to worry about it. Our students continue to submit assignments via email. 

Online Tutors and Study Groups 

You aren’t alone, even though it’s locked down. You will have access to online study groups and tutors. So if and when you have any questions about your course work or assignments, there will be help for you. 

Part of How to Study During Lockdown includes having the the right tools. This includes a laptop and notebooks.

Where can I Enrol During Lockdown?

If you want to study during lockdown, you can enrol with Skills Academy. That’s right, with us you can sign up for courses at any time of the year. We are an accredited distance learning institution.  This means that our students don’t attend classes or campus. Your study materials are delivered and you study from home.

Courses I can do During Lockdown

Just because it’s a lockdown, doesn’t mean you have to settle. We have a range of courses you can do. All these courses aim to give you skills that you can take into the workplace. From accredited to creative courses, you can study with us during lockdown. 

Accredited- These courses have been approved of by a professional body such as the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Accredited courses are recognised by other institutions and potential employers. 

Adult Matric– No matric? No problem. You can do our adult matric course and further your studies. This gives you the opportunity to complete your matric and advance in your career.

Beauty-  Our beauty courses are made up of a variety of beauty and beauty therapy courses. Each course has a different set of entry requirements.  There is also a salon manager course that you can study. 

Business Management- Here are accredited and provider programme business management courses. So you have different options to choose from. 

Advance Your Skills and Knowledge During Lockdown

Don’t be bored during lockdown, expand your mind and skills with our courses. Feel free to contact one of our course experts and start your course today.

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Last Updated: 30 October 2020