How to Build a Career in Project Management

Do you want to become a project manager, but not sure where to start? Skills Academy is here to help! Learn how to build a career in Project Management right here.

By reading the information below, you will learn how to build a career in Project Management. 

How can I Start a Career in Project Management? 

Interested in learning how to build a career in project management? Use the steps below as a guide to help you. 

Do Research 

Before you decide to invest in this career path, it’s important to find out as much as you can about it. You can do this by talking to people who are in the same line of work. You can also do an internet search. 

Take an Online Course 

Online courses on project management can help you learn about the career field a lot quicker. Skills Academy offers three Project Management Courses through distance learning. All you need to apply is be able to read and write in English. 

Gain Work Experience 

Once you are done learning the basics of project management, you need to gain some practical experience. You can do this by volunteering or doing an internship. This can help you when applying for entry-level jobs. 

The Role of a Project Manager 

The role of a project manager is made up of many aspects. As a project manager, you will be responsible for the successful completion of a project. Learn more about the duties below: 

Planning and defining the project:   

  • Make note of what needs to be done and create a detailed plan. 
  • Figure out who is going to do what and when. 
  • Take a look at any risks that may be involved and try to avoid or manage them ahead of time. 

Executing and managing: 

  • Make sure that you stick to the budget throughout the project. 
  • Stick to the timeline of the project. 
  • Coordinate work to be done by different people and keep your team motivated. 
  • Deal with any changes that come along and adapt, if necessary. 

Delivering and closing: 

  • Manage and deliver expectations to stakeholders. 
  • Communicate the status of the project and resolve problems. 
  • Make sure the project meets all expected outcomes.

What Industries can Project Managers Work in?

One of the main advantages of project management is having the opportunity to work in many different industries. 

  • IT
  • Construction 
  • Business 
  • Finance 
  • Technology 
  • Architecture 
  • Marketing and Advertising
Learn How to Build a Career in Project Management with Skills Academy

What Skills do I Need? 

Every project manager needs to have a specific set of skills to do the job successfully. Here is a list of some of the most important ones. 


As a project manager, you need to be a great communicator. Since you are the one in charge, you need to share the progress of a project to clients. You also need to encourage your team to help you complete the project. 


You need to decide how a project should be developed and share it with your team. As a project manager, you have to make sure that your team members stay motivated throughout the whole process. 

Time Management 

One of the most important skills to have is knowing how to manage your time well. You need to be able to stick to the project’s timeline. This includes having brief meetings with your team to check their progress. 


Organisational skills are key for any project manager. You are in charge of arranging and coordinating the activities of others. It’s your responsibility to keep track of everything that goes into a project. 


As a project manager, you will have to learn how to work with various people from different industries. By having a good relationship with other working professionals, you will be able to reach agreements more easily. 

Analytical Thinking 

Project managers have to deal with a lot of data at a time. This is why strong analytical skills are needed to be able to make sense of it. 

Benefits of a Career in Project Management 

Project managers are always in demand as they are needed in almost every industry. Wondering why you should consider this career choice? Find a list of benefits below. 

  • Allows you the chance to become a better leader 
  • You can get better at problem-solving 
  • Improves your interpersonal skills 
  • Teaches you how to get better at handling shorter projects 
  • Develops your technical skills 
  • Provides you with an opportunity to constantly learn and grow 

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022