Study Faster and Pay Less Policy For NATED Courses

This policy describes the various rules and regulations around the process allowing a student to study faster, complete the course faster, and in the process pay less.

Study Fast Pay Less – a student stops paying the monthly study fees once the student has completed the course.

When is a Course Completed?

A manly hand with a brown wrist watch on top of a computer keypadFor the purposes of this policy, a student has completed a course once the student has written their final exam or assignment. 

So the last payment will be for the month in which a student writes their final assignment or exam. EXCEPT if at that point the study has not yet paid 50% of the original course fee; in which case the student will have to make more payments.

Study Faster – How Does it Work?

Students are encouraged to study fast and pass their course. As part of rewarding students who finish their course early, students can stop paying their monthly fees once they have completed their course.

Maximum Saving Available

A student can save up to half the original course fee. So the fastest you can do your course, is in half the time.

Students cannot get a total benefit greater than paying only half their course fee. So a student will only get their final award or marks if that student has paid at least half the original course fee.

Students cannot get/use double or triple benefits or discounts or vouchers. No “double-dipping” allowed.

How can You study even Faster?

If a student wants to study faster than double speed, the student has to speed up their payments. To study faster (than double speed) you have to make additional payments, or settle your account – and in that way activate further subjects.

When do I get the next subject?

When a student passes a subject (pass the assignments of the subject), then we automatically send the student their next subject.

Before we sent the next subject’s books, we check if the student account is up to date. If the account is in arrears, the student must first pay the arrears amounts.

If the student is studying faster than double speed, the student will have to make further payments to get the next subject. Otherwise, the student will have to wait.

When a student fails an assignment, we help that student to further study the areas that lead to the failure. Students then re-submit the failed assignments.

There are no additional costs or penalties for re-submitting an assignment.

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Last Updated: June 21, 2022


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