Bursaries South Africa 2021

Eager to study further but finances getting in the way? Have a look at the available Bursaries in South Africa 2021. Keep an eye out for closing dates and application requirements.

Are finances a concern and holding you back from studying further? Have a look at the list of  Bursaries South Africa 2021 and if you qualify to apply for them. There are also other financial options available to you that will ensure that you get qualified! 

Who Qualifies for a Bursary in South Africa?

Whether you qualify for a Bursary in South Africa depends on the requirements for the bursary itself. This will vary from category to category. Some general requirements include: 

  • Academic performance 
  • Your or your family’s income bracket 
  • Age 
  • South African citizenship 

List of Bursaries South Africa 2021

Wondering which bursaries are still open for admissions? Below is a full list of Bursaries in South Africa for 2021. 

Some of these are general and more category specific. Have a close look to see which suits your course focus best. 

These are just some of the bursaries available to you for 2021. Have a look at the General Bursaries for South Africa 2021 for more information. 

How to Apply for a Bursary 

This will once again depend on the specific bursary you are applying for. Recently most bursary applications can be done online. Remember to read the admission rules and requirements carefully before submitting your application. 

Have a close look at closing dates and other important information. Most times you are expected to submit the following:

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Proof of address 
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Banking details 

What are Your Other Options

If you do not qualify for a bursary, there are other options available to you. Some of these include applying for a student loan or working while you study. 

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Last Updated: 4 February 2021