What can I Study With my Matric Results?

So, you’ve received your matric results and you’re excited to start planning your future. You’re probably wondering ‘What can I study with my Matric Results?’ Look no further. Here you can find out what each matric pass symbol means for your future and what you can do with the outcome of your results.

What are the Different Matric Results you can get?

A matric syudent puting their laptop in a backpackHas the thought ‘What can I Study With my Maric Results?’ ever crossed your mind? Well, there are four different symbols you can get with your matric results. No matter the outcome of your results, Skills Academy has something for you. Knowing what your matric symbol means could help you determine which path you should take. Here are the four different matric symbols you can get:

Bachelor’s Pass 

A bachelor’s pass means you can apply for a degree course at a university or university of technology. You have more options when you get this symbol. Students with this symbols may also apply to study towards a diploma or certificate at a college or technikon. 

To get a Bachelor’s Pass you need to:

  • Pass 6 of the 7 subjects you registered to write
  • Get 50% achievement for four subjects
  • Achieve 40% in Home Language 
  • Get 30% for two other subjects

What are my Options?

Getting this symbol means you are spoiled for choice. If you meet the requirements, you may enrol in a degree, diploma or certificate programme. 

Don’t meet the entry requirements to study at a university or couldn’t find a seat for the course of your dreams? You should consider enrolling in our distance learning Accredited Courses. We offer CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) Courses. Our courses could give you skills that are sought after by recruiters and could help you in your professional career. 

Diploma Pass

This symbol means you can enrol for a diploma course at a college or university. After completion, you can choose to further your education and progress to the next NQF level.

To get a Diploma Pass you need to:

  • Pass 6 of the 7 subjects you registered to write
  • Get at least 40% achievement for four subjects
  • Achieve 40% in Home Language
  • At least 30% for two other subjects

What are my Options?

This pass symbol can help you get admission to study for a Diploma or National Diploma programme. 

Can’t fund your studies? You may want to consider distance learning as an option. There are no classes for this, so you can manage your time to work and study. 

At Skills Academy, we offer accredited diploma programmes that could help you kick-start your career. Choose between Accounting, Marketing, Management courses, and more.

Certificate Pass

A certificate pass allows you to study for a higher certificate course. You may apply to study at a college or technikon. After completion, there are opportunities for you to further your education. 

To get a Certificate Pass you need to:

  • Pass 6 out of 7 subjects you registered to write
  • Achieve 40% in your Home Language 
  • Get 40% in two subjects
  • Achieve 30% in three other subjects

What are my Options? 

Thought your options were limited? Think again! Many colleges offer certificate programmes you can enrol for to give your career a kick-start. If you would like to go the distance learning route, you can enrol for one of our NATED or ICB programmes. 

These programmes allow you to enrol for a certificate programme and then later continue your studies towards a diploma. 

Failed Matric

If you fail more than one subject, you fail matric. But failing matric doesn’t mean you are failing at life. It only means that you have to work a little harder to get to achieve your dreams. You may even have to alter your plans a bit to suit your needs.

What are my Options if I Failed Matric? 

A matric student typing on her laptop, books spread out in front of herThere are still a lot of options available to you if you failed. You can do a Matric Upgrade course when you meet the age requirements, or opt to study without matric with us. 

There are no scheduled classes for our courses because we are a distance learning institute. 

Our options are perfect for those who don’t like classroom environments and prefer to study on their own. 

Did you know you can become an accountant or business owner even if you don’t have matric?

Reasons to Enrol With Us

At Skills Academy, we strive to make education accessible to all. No matter where you may find yourself in South Africa – anything is possible with distance learning. Here’s some of the reasons you should enrol to study with us:

  • We have a non-competitive, open entry system. That means our college is open to all. You won’t be judged on your individual results, you just have to pass and meet the basic requirements. 
  • We offer academic support to students. Our friendly tutors are always keen to respond to queries via Whatsapp or email. 
  • All our students have access to online study groups with Together We Pass (TWP).
  • There are no classes scheduled for any of our programmes. You can study at your own pace. 

Kick-Start Your Career Today!

Speak to one of our friendly course experts at 0800 39 00 27 – it’s free. Or fill out this registration form.

Last Updated: June 9, 2022


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Cherri-Lee Rhode
Cherri-Lee Rhode
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