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Now everyone can get a Matric Certificate. Have you never completed your Matric? Did you leave school before Grade 12? Then choose our Adult Matric option. Now you can get the same matric certificate from Umalusi that school kids get who do matric at school.

Or did you not get the marks you wanted when you wrote matric? You can now upgrade your matric results by choosing our Matric Upgrade option.

We also offer a range of fully accredited courses that you can study without matric.

Choose One Of The Following Options:

Matric Upgrade

If you are not happy with your matric results, you can rewrite or upgrade some or all of your subjects. We now offer Matric Upgrades, giving you a second chance to finish matric with the results you deserve.

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is a way for people older than 21 years of age to get a Matric Certificate. This is a distance learning program, meaning you don’t have to physically go back to school.

Most kids who start school never sit in a Matric Class

In South Africa we find that half the kids who start school will never sit in a Matric Class. And the biggest drop out happens from Grade 9 onwards. So if you never completed your matric, you are one of the over 50% of people who never got a matric. No matter your age, we can how help you get that Matric Certificate. And it is exactly the same Matric Certificate that you would have gotten if you stayed at school and finished your matric at school.


What is Equivalent to Matric?

On the National Qualifications Framework, matric is a NQF Level 4 course. That means that academically a matric is at level 4 or NQF4. Other course you can study can also be at that same academic level. So, e.g. you can do an ICB FET Certificate in Bookkeeping that is also at NQF level 4. It means that academically these courses are at the same level. Such courses are called “equivalent” to matric.
However, a course that is equivalent to matric will not give you a Matric Certificate from Umalusi. So if you specifically need a Matric Certificate from Umalusi, then you should not do a matric equivalent course.


What is a Bachelors Pass in Matric?

If you want to study further after matric, if you want to go to University, then you need a “Bachelors Pass”. A Bachelors Pass means that your subjects and your marks are high enough to get you entry to university studies. Remember, FIRST check what the entrance criteria is for the University course you want to study, before you select your subjects. Usually you need specific subjects with specific marks, to gain entry to a degree course at university.

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