Start a Business Without Matric

Take a look at our trips that can help you Start a Business Without Matric. That’s right, we can even help you get your matric certificate.

Not having a matric certificate doesn’t define your work ethic and your ability to become an entrepreneur. It just means you have to work harder and think smarter. Take note on how you can Start a Business Without Matic and still be successful. 

Getting Started in a Career Without Matric 

Just because you don’t have a matric certificate doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your career. There are more than just a few things you can do to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Don’t  limit yourself, stay open to all possibilities.  

Short Course 

Quick, simple and effective. That’s what short courses are. Course periods can be as short as nine months. Most short courses have open entry policies, which means you don’t need to have matric. Most importantly you’ll get the skills you need for the workplace. 


Do you like 2-for-1 deals? That’s exactly how volunteering works. You’ll be giving up your time to give back to your community and gain skills at the same time. These skills are a combination of hard and soft skills, perfect for a business owner. 

Job Shadowing 

Train in the shadow of a working professional and get an insiders perspective on the daily in and outs of the job. Your programme might not be permanent, but it will be long enough to give you the knowledge you need to take into your business. 

Entry-level job 

Everything starts off small and that’s exactly what you will achieve with an entry-level job. You will grasp the basics and be able to work your way up to a position where you can become the boss. or take the skills and knowledge you gained and start your own organisation. 

Careers That Don’t Require Matric 

There are careers you can start that don’t require you to have a matric certificate. You might have to start at the bottom and you won’t be earning a lot but it’s a start. All you need is to get your foot in and take it from there. 

Career Opportunities Without Matric: 

  • Beauty
  • Waitering
  • Retail 
  • Call Center Jobs

Keep in mind that even though your career does not require matric, having some skills and training attached to your CV can be a great benefit. 

Studying Without Matric – is it Possible?

Yes, studying without matric is 100% possible. Everyone should have the right to education, that’s why we have provider programmes that you can do and it doesn’t require matric. If you want to get your matric or improve your marks, we have an Adult Matric and Matric Upgrade programme just for you. 

Starting a Business While Studying 

Starting a business while studying is similar to working a full time job while studying. So don’t get intimidated. There are many businesses that you can start while juggling your studies. Remember the success of your business depends on your dedication and determination. 

Blogging: Social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Yoututbe pay content creators for their posts. Your earnings depend on your following so this process might take some time. 

Make Your own Products: If you are generally creative, use it to your advantage and create things you can sell. Don’t worry about there being a need for it, your marketing strategy is your secret weapon. 

Product Reselling: Buy products at wholesale prices, add to it and make a profit. This can be difficult in the beginning but once you have a steady flow of capital and clients, it can be very lucrative. 

Freelancing: If you are a jack of all trades freelancing will be perfect for you. Once you become highly recommended, you can recruit others and build yourself a freelancing business. 

Events Planning: You don’t need a degree to plan an event. Consider becoming an event planner if you are good at multitasking, have good time management skills and are good with people skills. 

Studying Business Management Without Matric

You shouldn’t limit your dreams of going into business management just because you don’t have a matric certificate. We have not one but two business management courses you can enrol in without the worries of having a matric certificate. 

ICB Business Management

The ICB business management is a course accredited by the QCTO. This course is made up of three parts and only requires you to have grade 11 and to be able to read and write in English. 

Provider Programs

We have business management provider courses that you can do. These courses might not be accredited but they will give you the skills you need for this career. 

Benefits of Skills Training Programmes 

Most students think at once you having a qualification is all you need to be successful. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You need training to use the knowledge you gained from your qualification and put it into practice. Skills training programmes: 

  • Increases Performance 
  • Are Efficient
  • Addressing Weaknesses
  • Increased productivity and Quality of Work 

Don’t be Defined by one Certificate – Beat the ODDS

Don’t allow your dreams of being a business owner to  get caged in just because you don’t have a matric certificate. Aim high and achieve your dreams with our help. Contact one of our course experts and let us help you get started, today. 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022