Certification: Provider Program

These Courses have been developed by Skills Academy or obtained from another educational institution. They are not accredited, however, they provide you with useful knowledge and skills to further your career.

Coaching and Counselling

Ready to upgrade the skills of your team? Learn the skills to help improve the job performance of your employees with our coaching and counselling module.

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Interviewing Skills

Advance your interviewing skills with this amazing module. You’ll gain the skills you need to conduct professional interviews and find the right candidate.

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Training Managers

Training managers are a great way to ensure that the employees follow suit and gain the skills they need to perform basic duties and advance their career.

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Effective Presentation

Learn all about effective presentation with us. You will know how to put on an outstanding presentation for both clients and employees alike right here.

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Steer clear of typos and improve your skills in finding and fixing spelling and grammatical mistakes with our copyediting module. Level up your skills today.

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