What Does Study Upgrade Mean

Do you want to upgrade your studies or have you heard of the terms “study upgrade” and got interested? In this article we will be talking about what does study upgrade mean.

What Does Study Upgrade Mean?

A study upgrade student wearing a white tshit and a denim jacket carrying books and a backpack.Do you want to upgrade your studies or have you heard of the terms “study upgrade” and got interested? In this article we will be talking about what does study upgrade mean. This may help you in deciding whether or not you need to upgrade your studies.

For many, when they hear of study upgrades, they think of matric. For some it means leveling up on accreditation on what you have already studied. For example, you studied a certain thing in another college. You now want to continue to study at a different college but need to be given points for what you have studied so you don’t repeat the same subject again.

Others hear the term and think it means improving the level of education you have. For example, you may have a certificate in Financial Accounting with us and want to upgrade your studies to a Diploma in Financial Accounting. Or you have a Short Certificate in Beauty Courses and would love to gain the proficiency certificate.

Why Upgrade Your Studies

You may be wondering why you need to upgrade your studies. As mentioned above, there are different kinds of study upgrades a person may be familiar with. However, they all essentially mean the same thing: furthering and improving your education. Below are reasons why people upgrade their studies:

Boost Your Earning Potential

What does study upgrade mean for you is you get to earn more money than you started with. If you had a certificate and then moved onto an advanced certificate, you will earn more. You could either get a promotion from work or apply for a new job with the qualifications you now have. Either way, you will have a pretty handsome salary than what you started with and it can only go up.

Help Clear your Career Goal

Some study fields are so broad that you may think you are enjoying a certain aspect of it until you are introduced to a new one! And then you think to yourself, “This is it. This is what I want to do!” You may never be able to know this until you upgrade your studies. Being on the right career path is not always a clear cut journey. You need to help yourself get to that point of certainty and contentment.

Increase Your Chances of Employment

Employers really like someone who takes their education seriously. To them this shows that you are committed to growing and learning and you take your role seriously. Upgrading your studies will give you an edge over someone who has no further education or even matric. You will have a new skill set and the ability to choose where you work. You’ll also have a better chance of climbing up to management.

Improve Your Social Cycle

One of the perks that come with having higher education is having a wider social cycle. You get to know people in higher places. Most colleges have clubs or groups that allow social interaction. Ours is the online group Together We Pass. Say for example you are doing ICB courses. You can apply for their ICBA membership. This will introduce you to a wide range of people who are more qualified than you and who will help expand your knowledge. It’s just like travelling. The more you go to different places and meet different people, the more you learn!

How do You Upgrade Your College Studies?

Now that you know the benefits of study upgrades, we’ll look at how you go about doing a study upgrade. This is easy to do. Especially with Skills Academy.

  • You don’t have matric? With us you will be able to get your matric with no hassles. Having matric will allow you to register for that course you want to do! This will in turn give you the career opportunities you aspire to!
  • You have a certificate in short courses and want to get your diploma? Our diploma courses have everything you need.
  • You already have N6 in a certain course and want to officially have a diploma? All you need to do is get an internship for 18 months. After that you will get your diploma and be ready to take on the world!

Upgrading your studies is the best thing you could do for your future. It will also help with your personal growth. Know what this means? This means that you have nothing to lose! Whatever your reason for upgrading your studies is, you will finish a winner.

Ready to Upgrade Your Studies with Skills Academy?

Want to know why you should choose Skills Academy? We put our students first and have their best interests at heart. Below are the benefits that come with studying with us.

  • Online student support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Finish fast and pay less
  • Quality student support

So, if this sounds like the best place for you do not hesitate to contact us. After all, the best education is found at the best schools! You can reach us via:

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022