Showcase Your Leadership Skills With our 6 Problem-solving Tips

Learn how to showcase your leadership skills with our 6 problem-solving tips. Take charge and manage any problems to lead your team to success the easy way.

Take charge and lead your team to success. Showcase Your Leadership Skills With our 6 Problem-solving Tips. Solve any issue in a quick and easy manner in the workplace.

Why Problem-solving is an Important Leadership Skill

Every leader should be able to solve problems. But why is that exactly? Well, employees look to their managers for help and guidance when issues arise. Being able to solve them proves you have the ability to take charge and make important decisions that affect all.

Solving Issues – One Man Job or Should the Team Get Involved?

A true leader knows the value of teamwork. Getting input and feedback from employees when solving problems will add to its success. You will be able to get different points of view from everyone involved. Also, your solution to the problem will affect everyone. So listen to the comments of employees. It will add to the value of the company.

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Our Top 6 Problem-solving Tips

If you’re faced with an issue, don’t panic! Everyone is counting on you. So stay calm and collected. Follow our tips and solve your problems with our easy steps below. 

  1. Identify the Issue
  2. Find the Source of the Problem
  3. Come up With a Few Possible Solutions
  4. Select Your Top 3 Solutions
  5. Put Your Top Solution in Motion
  6. Evaluate the Results

1. Identify the Issue

Before you can solve it, you need to identify what the problem is. Whether it is a hiccup in a project or conflict in the office. When you know what the problem is, you will know what to address.

2. Find the Source of the Problem

Getting down to the bottom of things, will help you prevent it from happening again in the future. This isn’t about pointing fingers or blaming others. Working together will solve the issue in an easier way. Identify the source of the issue by finding out:

  • How the problem started by asking as much questions as you can
  • Who was involved and their role in the issue
  • How it escalated 

3. Come up With a Few Possible Solutions

Having only one solution is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to finding the best solution, the more, the merrier. Work together and find the best possible answers to your problem by:

  • Having a meeting to listen to everyone’s solution, ideas and opinions, or
  • Writing them down on to a spreadsheet

4. Select Your Top 3 Solutions

Now that you have all your ideas, narrow it down to the top 3. But choosing your top 3 should not be made on a whim. There are quite a few things you need to consider like the:

  • Pros and cons
  • Time you will need to spend fixing the problem
  • Amount of money it will cost (when applicable)

5. Put Your Top Solution in Motion

Now the time has finally come. To put your solution in action. As a leader, you need to ensure that everyone knows their role in helping to solve the problem. If there is conflict between employees, ensure that they know what is expected of them. If it’s an issue in a project, keep track of all new changes to make sure that the problem is effectively being managed.

6. Evaluate the Results

Did everything go according to plan? If it did, don’t stop there. Find ways to improve and prevent it from happening again. But if the problem isn’t solved, remember you still have backup solutions.

Word Solve printed on a page. Showcase Your Leadership Skills With our 6 Problem-solving Tips.

Ask Your Colleagues for Help

Being a leader means you need to make important decisions, but it doesn’t mean you have to make them on your own. Along with your employees, you have your fellow colleagues to help you solve problems with their advice and experience. 

Get advice from a

Lead by Example With Your Problem-Solving Skills

If you consider yourself a born leader, you should consider our Management Courses. Along with our courses, showcase your leadership skills with our 6 problem-solving tips. and Speak to our friendly course consultant for more information. You can: 

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Last Updated: September 16, 2021


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