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Are you an organised person who enjoys helping others? Then why not become an HR Manager? Take the first step and learn everything you need to know right here!

Job Responsibilities

The workforce of a company would be the employees of the company. A HR manger need to know how to keep the workforce motivated, organised and safe. Along with doing this, HR managers have to keep a well maintained office.  

As an HR manager you will need to help set the values of the company and ensure that all employees follow these values. You do this by giving new employees training and making sure that all values are understood. 

HR managers have to ensure that managers know all policies and procedures when it comes to hiring, firing and disciplining employees. 

This means that every time a new employee starts you need to collect the necessary documents of employees. This can be banking details, personal details such as home address and emergency contact information. 

This would be your main duty as a HR manager. Staff members make up a business. Therefore it is very important to record and take care of all staff complaints.

What to Study

N6 Human Resource Management Course

The N6 Human Resource Management Course is the final course in the Human Resource Management Programme. Once you complete this course you will receive your National Diploma.

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N5 Human Resource Management Course

The N5 Human Resource Management Courses will help teach you to coach, manage and bring out the best in the people around you who work at your company.

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N4 Human Resource Management Course

This course will teach you all of the basics of Human Resources. It will give you a wide range of skills from Entrepreneurship to Management Communication.

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What Does an HR Manager do? 

A human resource (HR) manager plans, directs and coordinates the administrative functions within a company or organisation. They deal with the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process, and also serve as a link between a company’s management and their employees.

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How can I Become an HR Manager? 

To become an HR manager, you need a combination of education and several years of work experience. 

Learn About the Career Path 

The best way to figure out if this is the right career for you is to do job shadowing. This gives you the chance to explore the job without having to make a commitment. Doing in-depth research into the career field or speaking to someone doing the same job are also good ways to learn more. 

Get an Education 

Skills Academy offers a range of accredited and non- accredited Human Resource Management courses through distance-learning. 

Human Resource Management (N4-N6) 

This programme consists of three courses (N4-N6) that lead to a National Diploma once completed. These courses are accredited, which means they are recognised by employees and other institutions. A matric certificate or equivalent is needed to start.

Human Resource Management (Provider Programme) 

We also offer three short and certificate courses in Human Resource Management. The aim of these courses is to develop your skills for the workplace. All you need is grade 10 to start this programme. 

Gain Work Experience 

The most common way to gain valuable work experience is to do an internship. Most companies have an HR department so you can apply for almost any available internship. Employees often look for this when you start applying for entry-level jobs. Once you have your foot in the door, you will be able to work your way up to that manager job.

Benefits of Being an HR Manager

If you’re planning on pursuing a career as an HR manager, you will be glad to know that there are quite a few benefits you can enjoy. 

Job Security: Every organisation needs an HR manager to oversee their business policies and practices. Due to this, you will always be in demand. 

Importance: An HR manager is an integral part of the company they work for. This means your expert advice and skills will be needed across different departments. 

You get to Help Others: You will be the go-to person for any work-related concerns or personal problems. Being able to assist others will leave you feeling accomplished. 

High Pay: Ready for a career with an impressive salary? HR managers can earn anything between R 17 000 and R 45 000 on average per month. 

Opportunity to Network: As an HR manager you have the chance to meet and engage with exciting people during interviews, training sessions or workshops. 

What Skills Does an HR Manager Need? 

It takes more than just people skills to become a successful HR manager. Take a look at the list of skills needed to do this job. 


You need to be able to express yourself clearly, both verbally and in writing. As an HR manager, you also need to listen to concerns and complaints and respond accordingly. If employees feel like they can trust you then you are doing your job the right way.


HR involves many different functions. It’s part of your job as an HR manager to oversee these activities and make sure they run as smooth as possible. HR also involves a lot of paperwork and its important that all those documents are filed correctly.

Training and Developmental 

HR managers are responsible for providing training to help new employees and improve staff performance. Also providing opportunities to learn new skills so they grow in their career and be eligible for promotions. 


An HR manager has to make many decisions on a regular basis. An example includes deciding whether or not to hire a candidate for a specific role. This isn’t something that can be easily learnt. It takes experience and strategy.

How Much can I Earn? 

In South Africa, the average salary of an HR manager is R 28 724 per month. While a senior HR manager earns R 31 156 on average per month. 

Where can I Work?

As an HR manager, you will be able to work in any of the following: 

  • Private companies 
  • Government offices 
  • Universities 
  • Charities and nonprofit organisations 
  • Corporate companies 

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Author: Thiana Pretorius 
Last Updated: May 7 , 2020