How to Prepare Your Home for Distance Learning

Learn top tips on how to prepare your home for distance learning and create a functional space in which you can study and improve your skills with us.

Distance learning is all about studying from the comfort of your home. As easy as that sounds, you need to get the right setup to make sure it works for you. When you know how to prepare your home for distance learning, you can create your own functional learning space. 

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Distance Learning

If you want to build a study space just for you, put the floor plans down. We’ve come to the rescue. Distance learning is an affordable study option, so there’s no need to fork out thousands on your own study den. Use our tips on how to prepare your home for distance learning below.

Find Your Personal Space

Make sure you find your own personal space to turn into a study den. Whether it is a spare room, under the stairs or in the corner of your bedroom. And if you get stuck on a design, there are plenty of study room ideas to get inspiration from on online.

Get the Setup

Although buying an entire catalogue of equipment and furniture is tempting, it is not necessary at all. The study den of your dreams can start off with a simple desk, table and computer. 

Stay Connected

One of the most important things you need is a stable internet connection. It will help you communicate with your tutor, access emails and online study groups. If you don’t have the means, you can learn how to study through distance learning without technology.

Get Organised

When you study from home, you need to be organised. A great way to help you with this is getting storage organisers to help keep your study material in check, stationery, and study schedule.

Study space with a white table and laptop set up in the corner of a bedroom. Learn how to prepare your home for distance learning.

What to Avoid When Setting up Your Study Space

A study space seems straightforward enough. But if it’s not functional, you won’t get much work done. Find out what to avoid in your study space for the best possible learning area.

  • Temporary Space – So you have to pack up your books cause your family is going to use the living room? Try to find a permanent area you can use instead.

  • Wrong side of the bed – You associate your bed with rest and comfort. So it’s best to avoid studying from your bed when trying to study for your exam. A desk is essential.

  • Turn the volume down – Be sure to avoid making your study den in a room everyone uses. You’ll be forced to constantly ask your family to turn down the volume or TV.

  • Decor Nightmare – Want to imagine yourself as an interior decorator when setting up your study area? That’s a great way to use your skills. But be mindful of patterns and colors that can hinder your focus.
Woman writing notes in a book while studying at a desk in front of a computer and drinking coffee. Learn how to prepare your home for distance learning and create an effective study space.

I Don’t Have a Space of my Own – Help!

So you want to create your study den but you don’t have the space. It’s a problem many students face, but you do have options. When you don’t have space in your home, you can:

Pick a Time

You know the daily schedule of your family quite well. So use that to your advantage. Even if you don’t have a space to yourself, picking the right time to study can help. This includes studying:

  • Late at night when everyone is asleep
  • When your family is at work
  • In the morning when kids are at school
  • When you have the least visitors

These may not be consistent, but this is a great start to hitting your books.

Make Arrangement With Family and Friends 

Although you have great tutors and great study material helping you every step of the way, keep in mind, you have family and friends there to help too. Tell them your concerns, and you could come to an agreement with them. They want to see you succeed, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Successful Start to Your Distance Learning Journey

Now that you have your study space all set up, all you need to do is continue on your journey with us. If you’re ready to get started, simply contact our course experts for more information. You can :

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022