Why Distance Learning is an Affordable Study Option

If you’re looking for a study method that fits your budget, you’ve come to the right place. Find out why distance learning is an affordable option here.

Distance learning has become a popular learning method in recent years. And with so many benefits, it’s clear to see why. One of the biggest perks is that distance learning is an affordable study option. Students are able to save money while gaining a qualification all at once. Learn more about how you can make this method work for you and ace your studies with us.

So why is Distance Learning an Affordable Study Option?

Higher learning doesn’t mean paying a higher price for your course. With distance learning, there are quite a few ways you can save money. Some of the many reasons distance learning an affordable study option are below.

Cut the Cost of Travelling

No spending money on public transport and petrol. With us, you will study from home, saving you not only travelling costs, but also all the time spent on travelling to campus everyday.

Courses are More Affordable Than Traditional Learning

Distance learning courses may not come cheap. However, they are more affordable than some traditional learning. But don’t worry. Although we’re affordable, we still provide quality education. 

Swap Student Accommodation for Your own Home

Student residence can become quite pricey, with many left without money for basic needs throughout the month. Cut the cost of expensive student accommodation with remote learning. 

No Need to Stretch Your Budget With a Short Course

If you want to gain the skills but you’re on a tight budget, opt for a short course. It allows you to gain the basic skills for your career, without emptying your pocket.

Hand putting a coin into a blue piggy bank. Find out right here why Distance learning is an affordable study option.

Save Money When you Make Money

Distance learning allows you to study on your own time. With this flexibility, you are able to find ways to make money while saving money as well. You can do this by:

Selling Your Textbooks – Instead of letting your textbooks gather dust, you can sell them online  to make some extra cash.

Working Part-time – Not sure how to spend the rest of your time? Why not work part-time? This allows you to gain a qualification, earn more money and save. It doesn’t get better than that!

Making money as a Tutor – With us you gain the skills and a qualification. So why not give a little back. Find gigs online that will help you gain and save money, right at your doorstep.

Benefits at No Added Cost

Apart from being an affordable college, we also offer a wide variety of benefits at no added cost. These benefits usually come with a price, but with us it’s a win-win situation.

Save money with our benefits like:

  • Getting your study material is included in your fees
  • Studying faster and paying less policy
  • Study groups offering support from a community of your peers
  • Round the clock help from our tutors

Quality Education for a Fraction of the Cost

Earn your credibility with us today! From getting your matric to studying one of our many courses, gain the practical workplace skills your career needs. Contact one of our course experts for more details. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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Charnell Ward
Charnell Ward
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