How to Study Through Distance Learning Without Technology

Low on tech? Don’t worry! Learn how to study through distance learning without technology right here. Become a successful distance learning student with us.

Distance learning equals your own laptop, router, software and studying from home. That’s how you picture it right? Well, the reality is many students don’t have the right tools to study from home. But that’s all about to change. Find out how to study through distance learning without technology. You’ll be able to study from anywhere, at any time, in no time at all.

The Basic Tools you Need as a Distance Learning Student

Many people think you need a whole list of gadgets to study through distance learning. But that’s not the case. The technical requirements are quite simple. No need for webcams, mics, or high speed internet. All you need to study our courses is a:

  • Laptop/ Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Software and Applications
Free wi-fi sign on a window. Find out How to Study Through Distance Learning Without Technology right here.

How to Study Through Distance Learning Without Technology

If you’re not sure how to study from home and succeed, we are here to help. Below are common problems faced by distance learning students along with the best solutions. No need to shy away from this amazing learning option. Use our tips to succeed as a distance learning student

Problem: Device not found

You don’t have a computer to access your study material and complete assignments.

  • Solution: Use any device you have 

If you don’t have a computer at home, dont stress! Your smartphone or tablet are great alternatives to help you get up to speed with your remote work. You’ll be able to get emails, communicate, read study materials, and also type out all your assignments with ease.

Problem: No computer to complete assignments

You have a large assignment to complete, and your smartphone and tablet just won’t cut it.

  • Solution: Head to the nearest library or internet cafe

Typing out a 10 page assignment on your phone is not ideal or practical. But that’s not your only option. You can also head to your nearest library or internet cafe. All you need is a library card or some money to spend at a cafe, and get access to a world of knowledge and resources.

Problem: You’ve got the goods, but no software to run it

You’ve got a computer, but you don’t have the necessary software to complete your work.

  • Solution: Free software and app downloads

The great thing is, you don’t need expensive software and apps. All you need is your browser to access Gmail, and tools that like MS Office, which are often pre-installed on your computer. If not, you can always download free tools from the internet to help you stay ahead in the game.

Problem: Not connected

You don’t have internet access to complete tasks and assignments.

  • Solution: Work offline

Staying online doesn’t mean staying on top of things. You can complete your work using MS Office, or use the ‘work offline’ function in Google Office Suite. Once completed, you can connect to the WI-FI at a mall, library or head to an internet cafe to email your work to your tutors.

Problem: Lack of Communication

You have no internet access to speak to tutors and communicate with lecturers.

  • Solution: Get social

If you don’t have data, that’s okay. Our tutors and lecturers have made communication more accessible to all students. You can always use social media, such as Whatsapp to communicate with your tutors. This is also one of the more affordable options to use.

Problem: Off Route

You don’t have a router with a stable internet connection.

  • Solution: Use mobile hotspot

Although convenient, a router is not necessary. You can connect your computer to your mobile hotspot and continue from there. A router might help in the long run, but your smartphone would be your short term solution.

High Quality Education for the Low Tech Student

The world may be run by technology, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. You can always study with us. We provide accessible education, from the comfort of your home. Contact one of our course experts and get started. You can:

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022