Covid-19 and the Future of Distance Learning

Covid-19 has taken over the world and caused a worldwide pause. This includes a pause on education. Find out more about Covid 19 and the Future of Distance Learning right here.

What is Covid 19?

Covid 19 better known as the Coronavirus is an infectious disease. The Coronavirus has turned into a global pandemic. This disease attacks your respiratory system and is transmitted through droplets. With the spread of the disease gaining momentum, world leaders have called for a lockdown. Learn more about Covid 19 and the Future of Distance Learning. 


On March 23, 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown. At the time our country didn’t have many Covid 19 cases. However, since then the infection rate of the virus has spread. South Africa has since been under lockdown. 

Restrictions of the Lockdown

Now you may know that the lockdown has come with restrictions. These restrictions are implemented for your security. This also helps curb the spread of the coronavirus. Restrictions can be lightened depending on the alert level of the lockdown. 

  • No social gatherings – except for funerals which should be under 50 people
  • Only leaving home for the essentials, work and 
  • Working from home 
  • No international air travel 
  • Sales of tobacco are permitted 

Impact of Lockdown on Society 

With the country on pause, people are expressing a lot of frustration. This is completely understandable. If you can’t work from home, you won’t have an income for the duration of the lockdown. Not having an income is just the beginning of your frustration. Staying at home might have been a vacation in the beginning but you’re only human and flipping through channels can get boring. 

Unable to Work 

With lockdown being implemented all companies and businesses are closed. This means that you can’t go into your place of work and earn an income. Now if you are able to work from home then you have no worries, however if you work in the service industry you can’t work from home. Not being able to earn an income means that you can’t provide for your family. 

No Socialising

So you don’t have a job and you’re stuck at home. Being able to see friends would help. Unfortunately you can’t leave your home or go to a social gathering. This can add to your frustration.

A young girl sitting on her bed drinking a cup of coffee and researching what to do after college on her laptop.

Effects of Lockdown on Education

Lockdown has caused panic where education is concerned. This is because students won’t be able to go to school, college or university. The closing of schools affects every learner. No tests or exams are done during this time, so you’ll be behind. It’s especially scary because you are unsure of when you will be able to return to school, college or university. No one wants to let a year go by.  

How Long Will Lockdown Last? 

The duration of lockdown is unknown. Your safety and the safety of others is the main concern. So explore your options with what you can do indoors. There are books to read, music to listen to, exercises to do and even courses you can study. All from the comfort of your home. 

How Can I Further my Education During Lockdown?

Having your education paused can be really stressful. Some institutions have come up with new learning methods. These learning methods aim to allow you to continue with your studies and hopefully graduate on time. 

  • Virtual Classes 
  • Distance Learning 
  • Correspondence Studying 

Distance Learning During Covid 19 Pandemic

Unlike most learning institutions, distance learning hasn’t stopped. Meaning if you were studying via distance learning before the lockdown, not much will change for you. This is because distance learning is a way to receive an education from home. So you never attend face-to-face classes or campus classes. 

Benefits of Distance Learning During a Pandemic

Nothing changes. That’s right, the best part about distance learning is that nothing changes during the pandemic. Your studies continue on like normal.  Here are a few more benefits of distance learning during the pandemic.

  • Study materials are emailed to you 
  • Course duration remains the same 
  • Start a course at anytime 
  • Recieve help from online tutors and study groups

Distance Learning Institutions Operating During Lockdown

Skills Academy has not stopped operations. You can still enrol in our course and study with us. We are an accredited distance learning institution. Our variety of courses give you plenty of career opportunities. Since lockdown has been implemented our students have not been affected. 


During a period of lockdown, you are given time to think of what you want for your future. Our courses aim to give you skills that you can take into the workplace. So even after lockdown you can have an accredited qualification and advance your career. 

Covid 19 and the Future of Distance Learning

The way you look at things after covid 19 will change drastically. The same goes for how you live your life. Covid 19 has shown the world the powers and strength of distance learning. It is safe to say that distance learning is the future.  

Get an Education Regardless of Covid 19 

Step into the future and get your education via distance learning. Don’t let covid 19 hold you back. Contact one of our course experts and start today. 

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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