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Stay up-to-date with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our Microsoft Windows Courses will teach you the basics about navigating the system.

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Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 10

Think you know how to use a computer? Our Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 10 will develop your current skills and boost your career.

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Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 8

Our Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 8 module covers how to manage Windows 8.1 in a domain environment and provide secure access to users.

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The field of IT is one of the most rapid growing fields in South Africa. Because of its fast-paced growth, it’s one the most secure career paths to follow. What’s a better way to kick start your career than taking computer courses? Microsoft Windows Courses offer industry related training that will see you working as a Network administrator or a database specialist, to mention a few. 

Why Study Microsoft Windows Courses? 

Besides job security, there are endless benefits of studying Microsoft Windows Courses. You’ll learn how to operate computer systems and keep businesses running. Let’s explore what else can a course in Microsoft Windows do for you:

Get a Certified Qualification

One of the awarding benefits of studying this course is that you’ll get to have a qualification to back up your skills. This will then make you more desirable to employers. Because IT is such a booming industry, once you get your certification, you won’t go long without employment.

Earn Proficiency In Microsoft Windows

Took interest in how computer systems work and picked up a trick or two from your own computer? This course will give you a chance to polish those skills and make a living. With these Microsoft windows courses, you’ll get extensive knowledge of both Windows 8 and 10.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Being proficient and certified in Microsoft means you will have more work opportunities. Not only that, with a good track record and dedication you may even be headhunted. That’s what we call making your qualification work for you!

Start Your Own Business

Perhaps you want to set your own hours and work for yourself. Most people in IT go on to have their own businesses and create jobs for others . This course will offer you the flexibility and ability you’ll need to be self-employed. With enough resources and equipment, you could even sign up to be a Microsoft training provider!

A laptop keyboard with a button that has a microsoft icon. Studying Microsoft Windows Courses will make you an expert in operating computer systems.

Our Microsoft Windows Courses

We have partnered up with Microsoft to offer two of their courses, namely, Microsoft Windows 8 and 10. These are specialised courses which means they offer specific training tailor-made for specific functions. Most businesses still have licensing to Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 need experts in entry-level positions.

Introduction To Personal Computers Using Windows 8

With this 5 months course, you’ll be introduced to how PC’s (personal computers) work and how to customise it. You’ll also learn about all the security features it comes with. To top it all off, you’ll learn how to navigate internet explorer 10. 

Introduction To Personal Computers Using Windows 10

This course also takes about 5 months to finish. The great thing about studying with us is that you get to pace yourself. You can study faster and finish before the 5 months’ end and only pay for the months you’ve studied! On completion, you’ll know how to:

  • Use the security features to protect your PC from viruses.
  • Manage different desktop applications running at the same time.
  • Avoid random updates in the middle of doing something important
  • Maintain the system so that it runs smoothly at all times
Acomputer technician running programms on his computers. Our Computer Courses will give you the skills to operate computer systems.

Entry Requirements 

There are no special  entry requirements for these courses. All you need is your passion for the  IT field and understanding of the English language. This is one of the ways that we live up to our promise of quality education for everyone. With us, you do not have to worry about the level of education you have standing in the way of studying further.

What You Will Learn From our Microsoft Windows Courses

These courses introduce you to computer systems. But that is not all there is to them. Once you’ve completed the courses , you’ll be equipped with some valuable skills that will help you in your personal life as well. These skills are:

Logical Thinking 

Anything that has to do with computer systems will teach you how to think logically. This is great for problem-solving. You’ll need this skill when faced with unforeseen problems like a new kind of computer software virus. Logical thinking means you use foolproof, calculated reasoning to solve problems so you don’t deal with them again.

Accessing Windows 8 and 10 

The obvious skill would be how to access and navigate Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 from any computer. You’ll know how to use their advanced systems and the basic ones. Not everyone knows how to access these systems and use them to their best potential. Studying this course will give you all the skills you need for your future role in IT.

Excellent Communication Skills

In this field, your work will revolve around teams and other people. You’ll need to be able to articulate yourself well. Sometimes the problems we encounter can be easily resolved without an expert’s support . Communication skills will give you the ability to explain ways to solve these problems.

Can You Study Microsoft Windows Courses Without Matric?

Yes, absolutely. Even though these courses open you up to a range of good opportunities, they’re easy to enrol in. They do not require matric. And, with us, they can be done anywhere in the country via distance learning. You can also use your certification to further your studies. However, depending on what you want to study further, matric may be required. Don’t have matric? You can also enrol with us to get your matric!

Your Career Options

It’s no secret that employers often take preference over people who are certified. Computer specialists who received their qualifications from Microsoft have a better chance of finding employment. Most recruiters find them appealing. They also have higher chances of getting promotions. And that means higher pay! Some of your career options are:

  • Technical support
  • Windows Specialist
  • Microsoft Trainer, also known as MCT

These are just some of the career paths you can venture into. But, they’re not limited to the ones listed.

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Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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