Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 8

Our Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft Windows 8 module covers how to manage Windows 8.1 in a domain environment and provide secure access to users.

Course Summary

Award type:
Microsoft Certificate: Introduction to Personal Computers Using Microsoft® Windows® 10
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Not Applicable
5 Months
Entrance Requirement:


This subject teaches you about the software and operating system that makes your computer work. Get an introduction to computer components and how to sign in and navigate from the Windows 8 start menu

Learn how to access and identify charms, and how to multitask with various apps. This subject also teaches you about the modern apps and common navigation features.

This subject teaches you how to navigate the desktop, manage files and folders with File Explorer, as well as how to create and modify files with desktop applications.

Get an introduction on how to use the internet with this subject. Learn how to navigate Internet Explorer 10 and browse the web.

Learn how to customise the start menu, as well as the desktop and lock-screen. This can be done according to the colours and pictures that you prefer to use.

Learn all about the Windows 8 security features to make sure that you know how to protect your device.This subject will also teach you about managing passwords and privacy levels