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Child Psychology Courses gives you the tools, skills and knowledge you need to help the mental development of a young child. Find out all you need to know about our courses.

Available Courses

Child Psychology Comprehensive Course

The Child Psychology Comprehensive Certificate Course is the highest level in this programme. Learn everything you need to know about the minds and emotions of these young ones.

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Child Psychology Certificate Course

Getting a certification in this specific field will help gaining the trust and respect of potential employers as well as prospective parents. Sign Up Today!

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Child Psychology Short Course

The Child Psychology: Short Course Certificate is the first level of Child Psychology. Here you get a short introduction to this field that involves the world of children.

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Do you have a natural love for children? You can contribute to their mental and emotional welling being. That’s right, with the skills and knowledge you gain from our Child Psychology Courses, you’ll help mold young children. Explore the benefits you have by studying a distance learning course. 

Benefits Studying Child Psychology 

As a child psychologist, you will work in a highly recognised field. In your time as a child psychologist you will work with children aged 17 and below.  While studying, you’ll be exposed to the great benefits and importance of child psychology. 


Credibility is a way that people know they can trust you as a professional. Parents want to feel that they can trust you with their children. That’s why having a certificate or qualification will give you the credibility needed as a child psychologist.

Unique Studying Experience 

You can find child psychology courses anywhere. You’ll see that it’s possible to study from almost anywhere you’d like. You could choose to have the university experience, college experience, you could even choose to study from home. The possibilities are endless. 

Secured Job Prospects 

Once you have completed your course you will have to apply for an internship. This can give you exposure to jobs. As a child psychologist you have the opportunity to work for your government or in the private sector and open your own practice.

What You Will Learn From Child Psychology Courses 

While studying child psychology you will learn incredible skills. These skills will allow you to help with the development of a child’s mind. You can expect this course to be straightforward and simple to understand. So just because it’s child psychology it doesn’t mean it’s difficult. 

You will learn:

  • How to identify  problems 
  • Communicate with children 
  • Tips to help children 
A young boy sitting in a library looking through a picture book. You can help kids interpret images with our Child Psychology Courses.

Child Psychology Courses in South Africa 

There are many great learning institutions where you can get an education. This means that you won’t have to stress about finding a place to study. You simply need to know what type of institution you’d like to study your child psychology course at. Depending on your academic needs, you can study via distance learning, online learning or  traditional classroom learning.

Distance Learning Child Psychology Courses

Skills Academy is in fact a distance learning institution. So once you enrol with us you are opening yourself up to experiencing our incredible benefits. We have three child psychology courses available to you. 

Entry Requirements 

These child psychology courses are part of our open entry policy. This means that there aren’t any academic requirements needed to enrol. All you need to study these courses is the ability to read and write in English. 

Skills Needed to be a Child Psychologist 

With the subject matter of your work being so sensitive you will need to have certain skills. These skills will enable you to be a professional.

  • Problem solving 
  • Research 
  • Computer literacy
  • Good verbal and written skills 
Building blocks that are used as a coping tool in Child Psychology Courses

How do I Become a Child Psychologist

The journey to becoming a child psychologist is long but worthwhile. The most important thing you can do on your journey is gain credibility. You do this by studying and gaining experience. This can also be done by getting the skills you need. 

Psychologist Education

As a professional child psychologist you can never stop learning. So you can do plenty of courses on your way to success. You don’t have to complete all your courses at once, you can collect your qualifications over time. 


Experience can only be gained with time and practice. Volunteering can be a good way of getting the experience you need while studying. You can also gain experience by doing an internship.  

Is Child Psychology a Good Career?

Child psychology can be a very rewarding career. This depends on a few factors. In this career you will have the option of working for yourself, your community and even your government. So finding a job won’t be an issue for you. You will also be helping many children that desperately need your support. That will be the most rewarding thing about your job. 

Expand Your Knowledge With our Courses  

Make a great  impact on the lives of children with our child psychology course. We can help you start a career and create a future for yourself with our skills. Simply contact one of our expert courses and find out everything you need to know about our course. 

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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