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Child Psychology Courses are a great way to learn more about these magnificent little humans and find effective ways to communicate with them and understand what they want.

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Child Psychology Comprehensive Course

The Child Psychology Comprehensive Certificate Course is the highest level in this programme. Learn everything you need to know about the minds and emotions of these young ones.

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Child Psychology Certificate Course

Getting a certification in this specific field will help gaining the trust and respect of potential employers as well as prospective parents. Sign Up Today!

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Child Psychology Short Course

The Child Psychology: Short Course Certificate is the first level of Child Psychology. Here you get a short introduction to this field that involves the world of children.

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What is Child Psychology?

Child psychology is a broad field that explores everything a child experiences from the moment they are born, up until adolescence. This field of study explores topics such as the child’s thought process, how they interact with others, how they develop their own personalities, and their emotional intelligence. You will learn all about their development, and the factors that may cause developmental delays. Cultural and social factors are among the many factors that may influence how children develop.

What is Child Development?

A child’s growth is not only measured by their physical growth. Child development refers to the phase a human grows from infancy to adulthood. Growth or development can be measured through physical, cognitive, and social growth. Within just a few months, an infant will go from being dependent on their parents or guardians to develop skills like independently rolling over, crawling and even walking.

Who Will Benefit From our Child Psychology Courses?

Anyone who absolutely adores children, and would like to view the world from their point of view could benefit from this course. That includes parents, child minders, teachers, and daycare workers. Not everyone is equipped to take care of these wonderful human beings, but Child Development or Child Psychology Courses could be beneficial. This course will enable you to understand the child’s psychological process and aid them in their development.

What you Will Learn

You will gain a wealth of knowledge about the child’s developmental phase. When speaking of a child’s development, there are three categories that are often referred to. This includes their physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

This course will also teach you about their behaviours and temperaments, and factors that may influence their behaviour. Overall, you will learn how to effectively communicate with tiny tots and create special bonds with them.

Child Psychology Course

Career Options

There are many exciting career opportunities you can explore with our Child Psychology Courses. Although these qualifications won’t make you a Child Psychologist, they will prepare you for a successful career in various childcare fields.

1. Daycare Worker

If you are passionate about their development and overall well-being, then working as a Daycare Worker would be a walk in the park. As a Daycare Worker, you will create a safe learning environment for little ones.

2. Childminder

If you would prefer offering childcare services at a part-time basis, then becoming a Childminder is your best bet. You will be responsible for these little jelly beans while their parents are working late, have errands to run, or attend events.

3. Au Pair 

Embark on a journey of a life-time. Find employment abroad as an Au Pair and plan exciting games for your host child. To work as an Au Pair you will need experience working with kids. You can build up experience by working full-time and studying part-time.

4. Parenting Blogger/ Columnist 

If you love sharing tips and advice, and have a way with words, then this could be your ideal career path. You may want to share the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained through this course and own experience with your kids.

Benefits of our Child Psychology Courses

Child Psychology Courses are beneficial to everyone responsible for taking care of little ones. The skills you will learn are not only crucial when it comes to a child’s development, but can be applied to your day-to-day life.

You Will Gain Important Life Skills

Although this course focuses understanding little jelly beans, you will gain important skills you can apply in your daily life or other career fields. Child psychology focuses on behavioural science and you will learn about alternatives to punishment. These topics will help improve your conflict resolution and communication skills – skills that so many professionals lack.

You Will Learn to Understand Others Better

You will become more and more understanding to others. Not only will you learn why kids behave the way they do, but those lessons can also be applied when dealing with adults. This course will teach you how to be gentle and more sensitive towards others, and also to yourself.

Identify Developmental Delays Within Children

Our Child Psychology Courses focuses on subjects such as Learning Psychology and Child Development. These subjects will give you extensive knowledge on a child’s development, and will help you identify any delays. If you’re surrounded by these beautiful beans every day, you will notice signs of autism spectrum and other developmental delays.

Learn how to Communicate With Children

Great communication skills are essential when it comes to working with kids. You need to be aware of your non-verbal cues and your tone of voice when you’re communicating with them. Because children have their own special way of communicating, our Child Psychology Courses will help our students learn the way they think. You will learn all about their temperaments and factors that influence their behaviour.

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